Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Short Commercial Break

We'll get back to your regularly scheduled Warlock programming tomorrow, promise. I have plans to write a bit more about the Warlock trinket choices right now, because it hardly seems a cut-and-dry decision.  There have been some great comments on yesterday's post, and one very helpful link in particular that I plan to share and elucidate on.  If you can't wait, go check those comments out and feel free to leave on of your own.  It might get included in the post.

Today I'd like to do a little non-WoW self-promotion.  Those of you who enjoy my IC Friday posts may want to listen up.  I'm only going to do this once, because I don't really like to self-promote.  I feel somewhat guilty asking people to pay me money.  Yet, I definitely want to get the word out there because I think what I'm doing is something some of you may be interested in.  And I think it's certainly well worth what I'm asking for.

What am I talking about?  Well, I wrote a book.  I mentioned in passing before that I'd been working on it, and it's done.  Officially launched.

It's an urban fantasy.  It has vampires and shapeshifters, but I would hesitate to call it a Paranormal Romance (Which is a pretty popular genre right now.  Think Twilight) even though it has a love story.  I really tried to make it more of a fun adventure.  There are some WoW references.  And swordplay.  And none of it takes place in High School.  I don't think it's your standard fare (given what people may think when you say "vampire").  I'm really proud of the story.  I've been writing for a long time, but it represents my first attempt at selling my writing.  Fuu and I have worked together to make a beautiful book, and I think our efforts speak for themselves.  And we're only going to get better at it.

If you're at all interested, please give it a look.  Check out my author website/blog here.  The blurb is there, as well as links to the various vendors and info on what I'm working on.  You can get the ebook for $3.  For a full, 100k word novel (400 printed pages), that's a bargain.  But if the price makes you pause, most of the websites will let you download samples.  We tried to set all those to the maximum allowable amount.  You can read almost the entire first quarter of the novel for free, and if you don't like it... don't buy it.  But if you do, consider supporting me.  I love writing, and it's something I'd like to do instead of The Grind.  There is no greater high for me than sharing my stories with readers.  It really is my passion, and I'd do it regardless.  The cool thing about this whole ebook revolution (if you've noticed), is that right now I (and may other independent authors) have a possibility of making what was once a far-off pipe-dream into a reality.

I wanted to mention it here because I know I have some awesome readers, and I'm incredibly thankful for you all.  A lot of you have been hanging around here a long time, and I'd like to think at least some of that is due to the writing (rather than the awesome theorycrafting and news delivery service ;-p).  If that's the case, you should recognize the voice in the book, then.  It's me.  And I want to keep that voice through many more stories in the future.  I wanted to let you know that I'm out there too, doing some crazy stuff, and I would love your support.

I plan to keep my writing sphere and this place mostly separate.  You won't see a lot of cross-promotion from me.  In fact, after this, I'm going to get back to talking about Warlocks and WoW, like I said in the beginning.  If you read this and have any questions about my other little project... feel free to email me.

A side effect of all this, that is perhaps more immediate for you IC Friday folks... Fuu and I are working to try and get my IC posts rounded up and formatted into a novella or collection of short stories.  Then we'll try to release it on all of the digital platforms.  We're not sure about any legal issues, since all this is really fanfic, but we figure we can at least offer free downloads or something.  I know several people have emailed me wanting to know if they could perhaps get them on an ereader or whatever.  We're working on it.  We wanted to get the book out first, but it is high on our list now.  I'm going to try to clean some of the posts up a bit and tie them together.  Images are going to be a hurdle (we're not sure how to do that yet).  But we'll get it done, and if our debut release is any indication, it should be pretty. 

If you like this sort of thing, that is.  If you're just curious about trinkets, that's totally fine too.  Go check out those comments and I'll see you back here tomorrow.  Same warlocky time, same warlocky channel.


  1. Congratulations, Furg! That's quite an accomplishment. Good luck to your in your sales and your future ideas. Do you plan on a sequel? A series? Or heading off in a new direction next time?

  2. Wow, that's awesome. I will definitely check it out after I finish Ghost Story and A Dance with Dragons.

  3. Thanks guys. There will be a sequel... it's part of a series. The book I'm just finishing up right now is the first installment of a more traditional fantasy series. My plan is to hop back and forth between them. I've found doing that helps keep me fresh and excited about getting back to each series.