Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To Progress Or Not To Progress

According to WoW Insider, Blizzard has announced that they will be reinstating Valor Point rewards for downing "old" bosses.  That is to say, bosses of the previous tier of raiding.  This will be to the tune of 35 VP/boss on 10-mans and 35VP/boss on 25-mans.  This is big news.

Personally, I'm all for the change.  Why not?  A large amount of QQ has been directed toward "trollroics," and I think this provides a slick answer.  Is it perfect?  No.  Haters gon' hate.  But it is a pretty solid idea.

Raiders were complaining that you simply could not earn enough VP through raiding.  It was perhaps a valid complaint.  If raiding is what you want to do, why should you be forced into an ancillary activity in order to cap your points.  Still, as some have mentioned, it's sort of a choice that goes with the territory.

This change should help alleviate some of that concern.  Now you can go back and raid the old stuff for gain.  I think it simply makes sense.  If the trollroics give VP, why not old raids.  And I think the point level is tweaked accordingly.  It's not a "get geared fast" scheme, but provides some raiding benefit to, you know, raiding.

The question, now, for guilds in my situation is this.  We've not cleared all of the previous tier's raid content.  We're working on Nef right now and have a couple more bosses in the other instance... maybe 4 left all told.  We should be able to steamroll them after we get Nef down, and were just sticking in one instance for simplicity sake.  The question becomes: should we continue and down all of the bosses, maybe even farm a bit on old content, before starting Firelands? 

There are many ways to answer this question.  Before the VP change, it was a little simpler.  It was far better to make trash runs and beat our heads against early bosses.  If we down one, we get VP.  Work on trollroics on off nights for gear.  Why spend time in the old raids?  Sure we may net a few of the hard-to-get drops that have eluded us, but is that really the best use of a cramped schedule?

Now, the VP throws a new dimension into the argument.  Not only can we go back and get to see that content, but we can also collect VP for our time.  It's raiding practice and VP rewards and the chance at elusive drops.  I know some of us are still sporting the odd blue, and it feels wrong to me to go into Firelands less than epic'ed out.

It's a question we're still discussing as a raid group.  We want to see the new stuff, but don't want to beat our head against a wall when we've got other, easier content that still needs cleared.  How to balance gearing with progression on such a limited time budget?  How to not burn out on trollroics?  I wonder, what are your raid groups doing.  Does the VP announcement change any of your plans?


  1. My group simply doesn't have the gear to even start looking at the Fireland's bosses. Being a casual raiding group, we're only asked to enchant and reforge gear and ilevel 340. Once there, we take all that fit in the group. Last night was our first attempt on Elemental Council and unfortunately, we wiped.

    With that, I am all for grabbing even a few valor on this 'old' content. The dps wand is still 700 valor away, and at 35 vp each boss, that's not going to be available any time soon..

  2. If Blizzard do reinstate VP to the old raid contents then I think that would be better for everyone; another way to reach VP cap is totally welcomed. Also it ultimately will mean more viability for alt runs and maybe GDKP will return in earnest, at least I hope for Cenarius.

    For some guilds this wont mean much 'cause they already spend their raid nights in Fireland (FL). For example my guild, we raid only two nights a week, for 3 hrs each, so I just don't see the justification of taking one of two nights away from working on progression to get 420 VP.

    For guilds that haven't finished Tier 11 raids this might be an incentive to continue to work on those without seemingly being punished for not killing FL bosses but then I share BBB's opinion on the VP cap.

  3. I think I tend to be more in Elk's camp, but the bottom line is that this can really only be a positive change.