Monday, July 25, 2011

Moonwell Filled.

I've faithfully done my dailies for several weeks now. I think Fuu and I can count the days we've missed on one hand. We've been good little worker bees.  Personally, I rather enjoy dailies and working toward something.  I'm sure I'll wear them out eventually, but I really don't mind how Blizz has presented this "grind."  I actually enjoy it a lot more than TB.  It always bugged me in TB that you get to the end goal, "exalted," but then you still have to grind a bunch of tokens to buy anything.  I appreciate this path a bit better, where you grind all your tokens on your way up the ladder, and then open a world of purchasable items for simple gold.  It feels more rewarding, and that counts for something.

Anyway, I've only opened the Moonwell so far.  There was some discussion in comments here last week about the Moonwell items.  I was a bit confused, as people alternated between mentioning the trinket and off hand.  I want to clarify: after filling the Moonwell, the new vendor will offer you items that include both a trinket AND an off hand.  One is the Moonwell Chalice trinket and the other is the Globe of Moonlight off hand.

This is all well and good, but the problem for me is that Mr. Robot indicates that my current gear selections - including the Soul Casket, Stump of Time, and Book of Binding Will - are better.  Thus, I did not buy anything (well, I did grab a Crimson Lasher and a Mushroom Chair).  I probably should have checked this out more beforehand, but oh well.  I'm don't think any of the other vendors hold any other possible upgrades for me.  Our resident Blacksmith is taking care of patterns... I'm in the queue.  So I guess it's not a loss or anything.

I did get to do the locket quest, which I give two thumbs up.  Good stuff.  If you get the glitch (like I did) where it says you don't meet the requirements for the quest when talking to that Druid dude, just click through his little spiel about Dire Maul and then you should be able pick up the quest.  The exclamation point doesn't always show up, but it was there for me.

Now, just a few more faithful days and I think I'll open the Armorer next, see what he has...


  1. The armorer has some gloves and the Ancients have a ring.

    Both are really nice. Make sure that Mr. Robot is showing T12 instead of T11.

  2. I have 4 casters (mage, lock, shadow priest, boomkin). Mage and Lock are using the staff from ZG, and I replace 'em with the Molten Front spell caster dagger and the Globe of Moonlight offhand. That is a better choice. My boomkin is currently using the BoE staff from BWD, and it's debatable whether I should switch. My priest is using ZA mace with ZG offhand, and I've switch that over with no regret.

    Of course, I have 3 other characters (Paladin engineer that makes the gun/scope for my hunter), DK Blacksmith that makes weapons for everyone else...

  3. Hmm. Well it looks like both of those are better for me, but just slightly. I wish someone had shoulders and/or wrists... Those slots have been hard for me to fill.

  4. The gloves and ring, that is.

    And yes, I believe on Warlocks the 1H/OH combo is almost always better than 2H. I've gotten the random world firelands drop dagger to go with the book of binding will.

  5. Xayíde@GurubashiJuly 25, 2011 at 2:51 PM

    Please watch your step around Ask Mr. Robot. I'm really wary when it comes to programs that automatically compare your current gear with another, they are rarely accurate, SPECIALLY when it comes to trinkets.
    The pros at EJ say that the Moonwell Chalice is BiS for Demo (along with heroic Necromantic Focus), even considering Heroic Firelands gear.
    The reason for this is that Metamorphosis snapshots your mastery and, if you have the trinket on use effect before you use Meta, the mastery bonus is valid for the whole Meta duration and not only for 20s.

  6. Hmm. Mr. Robot has proven very thorough in the past. Also, he tends to be very receptive to any sort of suggestion for improvement. EJ is not the end-all either... generally speaking they're only talking BiS for the isolated piece of gear. With haste plateaus and what-have-you, it's very hard to say what is truly BiS unless you have each and every piece that EJ suggests. Mr. Robot takes your current gear situation into account (there's a check box for it).

    That being said, I agree that any program is not an excuse for applying Brain. Still, I'm not bleeding edge so all I need is a program to get me in the ballpark.

    I do think I may have noticed a small bug with it suggesting I reforge something to hit when it puts me significantly over cap. Without it I'm still over cap. Not sure what that is about, but need to investigate more.

    Finally, I'm raiding Affliction. I'll have to see what it says about the Chalice as far as affliction goes. I would think the "snapshot" you mention is a prime candidate for a hotfix, but then again ISB (S&F) still works that way with Crit too last I checked. There are always a few things that slip but, but I have a hard time believing any "snapshot" is working as intended. It's good while it lasts, though.

    One thing I think we can all agree on is that Trinkets are a tough lot to really classify can depend on a wide number of variables. I may pick up the Chalice to simply do some Real Play testing and see what recount tells me.

  7. Xayíde@GurubashiJuly 25, 2011 at 4:54 PM

    You are right about what you say about EJ of course. I have been having great results with the Moonwell Chalice and Demo though, it really seems to work well with Meta.
    The snapshot mechanic is not broken though, many things work like that, such as how DoTs work towards buffs on the caster. If you have 1s remaining on your Power Torrent proc and you cast a DoT, that DoT gets the Power Torrent buff for its whole duration, not only that 1s. If you refresh the DoT though, through some mechanic like Hand of Gul'dan + Immolate or Haunt + Corruption, the buffs are reevaluated, something that was corrected from the Wrath era Corruption rolling, thus avoiding the breaking mechanic.
    That is not true for debuffs on the target though, those get checked for every DoT tick (except the spell crit debuff as you said, this is indeed a bug imo).

    Meta snapshotting your mastery is actually expected, since most things work that way. I don't think it's broken because it has a longish CD. It does make a few things weird like making a 365 trinket BiS, but nothing that would affect the game too strongly. After all, Affliction is still top on simulations. It does give Demo some insane burst though.

  8. Xayíde@GurubashiJuly 25, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    EDIT: Demo has overtaken Affliction in latest simulations, being the current top theoretic damage spec.

  9. Yeah, even if it's not expected... likely it's low on the "to-do" list.

    I'll have to just give the Chalice a try. I'm still raiding Affliction though :-).

  10. I like Mr. Robot-but i put in my own stat weights-based on EJ T12 weights...i beleive that Mr. Robot is still using T11 and the updates do change the gear around. I've personally created a BIS list using wowhead and the stat weights from EJ. This allows me to compare both Mr. Robot, Wowhead stats, and using ( for trinket analysis....i think its a pretty good mix and allows me to have a great idea on what to target.

  11. That looks like good stuff. Very thorough. Do you mind if I include the link in a new blog post sometime this week? I think others may be interested (and may not catch it in comments).

    One thing that I wonder... I think part of the reason that those two trinkets are ranked high for me is because of the hit. One is a pure hit trinket and the other I reforged to hit (at the behest of Mr. Robot), so that other piece of gear can go to haste or whatever. It's a little bit of a game of numbers that you cannot perfectly condense down into a spreadsheet.

    Still, I think you give a great picture and I think I'm going to try to run with the Chalice when I pick up another piece of gear (and all my reforges change). I've seen enough that on it's own, I believe it to be better - and even in my Mr. Robot list it is almost = to the other two trinkets - so there doesn't seem to be a downside to using it, IMO... and could be an up side.

  12. Thats not my trinket analysis, someone else did all the work-but i agree that they deserve some recognition and he/she could help locks out there.

  13. Hmm. How did you originally come by the link? I still plan to use it but would like to get as close as possible to the original source so that perhaps they will notice and I can give credit where credit is due.

  14. I was searching Mr. Robot forums on how they performed trinket analysis since EJ is only doing procs now, and i stumbled upon a post by Faelkin in which he posted his spreadsheet.

    Doing a google search he goes by the name Berthold on EJ forums (post 118 on

    Hope that helps