Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Immediately Related to WoW

Here's a look at my company approved problem solving process:
  1. Ask if anyone knows anything.
  2. Google it.
  3. Google it with a slightly different word order.
  4. ???
  5. Solve Problem, but do not profit.
Immediately after solving the problem, I rush off to share it with co-workers who will find said solution helpful.  Inevitably, one of them informs me that the one person who actually "knows something" about whatever it was I was doing will be showing up in ten minutes for a consult.  Thus, I've just basically re-invented the wheel.  Never mind that when I asked if anyone knew anything, everyone said "no" and no one thought to mention it THEN.  I suppose I should be more specific in my inquiry process: "Do you know anything about subject A, or know of anyone who does that will be here in the foreseeable future?"

The world is full of ineptitude.  Much like how I felt punting turtles last night when it seemed like every other toon there was personally following me around, waiting for me to engage the fire elemental, and then SNAKING MY FELLING TURTLE.

There is a fiery retribution in your future.  I may or may not follow you around for the next half hour purely out of creepy, ineffective spite.

Seriously, I see your flaming bird and raise you a middle finger matriarch.  Platform this.


  1. Nasty turtle punting quest...hard for a warlock to grab a turtle and still fight off the baddies WITH NO PET!!!


  2. My poor Felguard keeps dying. Then, usually I follow swiftly. Especially the ones where there are like three baddies around (which, you know, are the only one's left). I probably just need to take a more reasoned approach than "run like hell in," but whenever I stop to think, someone ganks it.

    Incidentally, one of the achievements requires that you punt a turtle into the elementals. This seems to be an insta-kill. I've taken advantage of it several times. It's also hilarious because the turtle just runs away. You do not, however, get quest credit for it.

  3. Oddly enough, my felguard keeps disappearing when I'm flying from Nordrassil to Malorne and I have to resummon him after the gryphon stops. This is on top of my pet disappearing when I'm trying to punt turtles...*sigh*

    And I saw you & Fuu last night at Sethria's Roost while I was on my little 'lock. :)

  4. Ha, I was probably following people around trying to wave at NPCs. That, or floating in the air watching a movie. Fuu had to wake me up a few times.

  5. Hummm have same problem... in wow that is. Recent solution: banish (or CC) elemental, punt turtle, then sort out kill order. My turtle quest is more relaxing now. ^_^

  6. Yeah, another good idea: CC. Here's me, noobin it up over here trying to just run in and do dailies in a quick fashion. I forgot there was a renewed focus on using CC. :-)

  7. Problem solving at my work.
    1) get support ticket
    2) boss looks at something else.
    3) boss breaks something else.
    4) get a new support ticket.
    5) mistake new problem for old problem.
    6) apply solution to old problem to new problem. It doesn't work.
    7) apply solution to new problem to old problem. It doesn't work.
    8) put it off to tomorrow.
    9) call out sick.
    10) give it to me to sort out.

  8. You don't have a "profit" step either, eh? :-)

  9. <- comes to mind when reading your "problem solving" ticket ;)

    But i guess it is pretty much the same everywhere ;)

  10. Ha. That's pretty funny, and yes, definitely applicable. :-)