Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Return of the Random

How was your holiday? Mine was great, thanks for asking. No, really. We ate a ton, drove a ton, partied a ton, and played absolutely no WoW.  Well, maybe a little when we got home.  Great, you say?  Definitely.  It was Fuu's birthday yesterday!  We had ice cream cake, and, of course, everyone else celebrated with us by setting off all those fireworks.  (I'll never understand why she gets fireworks on her birthday and I don't on mine in January).

Long story, short: Now I'm exhausted.

Coming back to work and RL after a long weekend never seems as restful as you'd think.  However, until we start spawning, we're expected to make the trip to everyone else's parties.  Such is the way of things.

Fuu and I have gotten our toons through the first stage of dailies and are steadily working toward our first 150 marks.  So far, so good.  The dailies seem well designed, IMO.  Also, I like that there are some inside and outside of the firelands portal.  Usually with dailies, you're always in one locale.  A change of scenery is nice.  Also, I like anything involving Mylune.  Seriously, I need to applaud the writer.  Her quest text is entirely too perfect and hilarious.  My poor Warlock hates every single quest she has him do.  Except punting turtles.  He's all right with that.

The addition of a random NPC from lore for one of the quests is a great touch too.  It's the one where you take your posse to go kill some invaders on the side of a mountain in Hyjal.  If case you haven't noticed already, check out the folks that pop in when you get in the area.  You have a few generic "Hyjal Protectors," but then you generally have one "all star."  I got Chromie last night.  The fact that she yells "You just got Chromie'd" and then makes time jokes is awesome.  Her flight form is also a whelpling.  Half of the fun is seeing how the NPC's fly.  The Archmage has a broom, of course. 

The nerf to Soul Swap isn't as bad as I'd feared.  It is annoying, but only mildly.  I'm sure it's hurting my DPS on short lived stuff, but we haven't really raided yet so I can't speak to how bad it makes me feel.  We did do a quick heroic, and my DPS appeared higher, but I think that's simply due to the two epic upgrades you get from doing the Hyjal/Thrall stuff (cape and neck for 'locks I believe).

I've been PvP'ing a bit on my DK too, now that I have more gear to buy.  I picked up the epic chest piece first, and will just upgrade each of the pieces one by one.  I completed the Hyjal stuff on her too, and am using the epics in PvP.  Those will be the last pieces I replace. 

The nerf to Hungering Cold is hugely annoying in PvP.  I have a half a mind to move the damned spell off my bar.  Where once it was highly useful, now it's just cumbersome at best.  I was still able to make use of it on occasion, but it takes a lot more forethought.  Before it had always been something I tried to do just before I died as an annoyance.  Oh well, it was always just a utility spell anyway.

All in all, I'm enjoying the patch.  I think they've shown some smart choices and I don't have too much to complain about... at least in my random first week. 

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