Thursday, July 7, 2011

All CC Not Created Equal

This is a Warlocky Service Announcement, brought to you by the Warlock Coven for Dangerous and Impaired Spellcasting.  Take heed if you wish or do not wish to wipe your group.  Apparently, all CC is not created equal.

Fear still pulls aggro.

I thought they were changing it to where CC doesn't pull aggro.  You can hex.  You can sheep.  You can sap.  You can do all those other things and the mobs just ignore you.  But fear... yep, fear is still "working as intended" within the aggro paradigm.

I didn't try banish yet.  Has anyone else?

We got enough folks together last night to do a hod-podge trash/rep run in the Firelands.  If you haven't been there yet, know that there are a few places where you will need CC.  For the most part, it is when you have a pair of fiery Naga healers following a trio of melee-ers.  It's obvious: CC the healers, burn the others.  To execute this you need two CC'ers. 

Wait, Warlocks can CC.  Yeah, we have that fear thingy with the glyph.  Good stuff.  Standard issue by now, right?

On our particular run, we had a Shaman for the hex, and then a possible Rogue sap.  Tank tells us to go ahead and lay the CC and then we'll pull... you know, taking advantage of the friendly change. 

/whoosh (froggy-style)

"Crap, I missed the sap and they're patting away, can anyone help?"

That's where I should have kept my big warlocky maw shut.  Help, you say?  Warlock, reply-eth I.  Helping is un-warlockery.  It's bad enough they make us use a buff on someone now.  And a b-rez.  And don't get me started on cookies.

"No prob, I'll fear it."




"I thought CC wasn't supposed to pull aggro now."

Apparently, I thought wrong. 

Now, I don't think it said anywhere specifically that fear would benefit from the Azerothian/Planar Being Non-Aggression Pact (APBNAP) made with the mobs.  Am I the only one who just, you know, assumed?  Is this an oversight, or should fear still pull aggro?  I guess it just seems dumb to me to work hard to "validate" our CC with a glyph and then go and ruin it two patches later. 

On the upside, I have a great excuse not to be "helpful" anymore.


  1. I assumed it would be in with CC not pulling aggro, since the existence of the glyph appears to assume that Blizzard would like us to use Fear as a CC, but APPARENTLY NOT.

    I don't go splat because I have a bit of self-preservation left to spam my Soulshatter key.

    It's probably some mage asshat behind the controls of CC-aggro just giggling away. Fookin mages.

  2. Well, I had run away from the group trying to snag it before the pat moved beyond our range and into other stuff. I was sort of caught in no-man's land thinking I was safe. Soulshatter only helps if ANYONE ELSE has aggro... which, of course, no one else did yet because the hex-er didn't pull any.

    Fookin mages. :-)

  3. It's silly - Blizzard claims it has something to do with the fear mechanic, and about the whole "running around should aggro other mobs". Sure, I agree with that, but any Warlock worth their salt will have it glyphed, so why not add a no aggro thing in the glyph?

    Banish and Seduction don't aggro. Only fear. Grr.

  4. So running around as a mob should agrro, but hopping around as a frog or baa-ing around as sheep is ignorable?

    "Don't mind that frog out here in the Firelands. We're not near any body of water but they're native. Oh, and where did Bob go?"

    If anything, our form of CC is better camouflage. Also, while a lamb may bleat at his companions, a feared enemy will only stand mute, their very voice snatched away by terror! Or something.

    I agree... at least add it to the glyph.