Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Twist It Up

Good news, everybody! I've fixed the... no, wait. That's not it. I'm all twisted.

Must be this:

Tune in this Saturday at 8 PM PST (11PM my time) as Fuu and I make a guest appearance on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. There's a live chat and everything! Plus, voice acting. I'll play the part of Fuu and she'll play the... wait, that's not right. Ah well, we'll get it figured out.

Bring your green hat!


  1. Grats!! Twisted Nether is a blast to be on!

  2. Gah... I missed it... I intended to be there, but it just didn't happen.

    Hope it all went well.. will give it a listen once Fim gets off his behind and puts it on iTunes.

  3. Aw, we missed you. You definitely got a mention though! Threw us with that "favorite mage" question. I almost choked on my beer... :-D