Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dungeon Quick Strats Part 2

Part two of Dungeon Quick Strats today, courtesy of Finwe. (For Part 1 see this post.) Here they are in no particular order (he did the strats, I did the formatting):

Halls of Origination
  • Temple Guardian Anhuur: Run out of blue circles, healer dispel Divine Reckoning. Boss goes immune at 66% and 33%. Drop down on the right side of the platform and one dps will hit the lever. Move around to the left side, hit the lever, go back up and interrupt boss.
  • Earthrager Ptah: Camel boss. Watch out for the cleave. Move out of ground spikes. Move away from quicksand and tornadoes. At 50%, adds will spawn. Tank and dps them, then back on the boss.
  • Anraphet: Run out of the Alpha Beam void zones. Dispel Nemesis Strike on tank. Group up for aoe healing during Omega Stance. Periodically move boss to a new section of the room for easier movement.
  • Isiset (W): Run away from beam. Turn to face away from boss during Supernova. Dispel Veil of Sky shield. Boss will split into three at 66% and 33%. First, dps down Astral Rain (starfall). 2nd time, dps down Celestial Call (summon adds).
  • Ammunae (S): Ranged kill seedling pods. Kill Bloodpetal Blossom if it spawns. Kill spores; don't stand in spore clouds (can be used to damage mobs, though). DPS boss.
  • Setesh (E): Run out of purple bubbles on floor. DPS void portals when they spawn. Tank adds. Kill or be ready to interrupt Void Seekers anti-magic prison (reduces healing by 100%). DPS ignore Sentinels.
  • Rajh (N): Interrupt the Summon Sun Orb. Avoid fiery tornadoes; don't stand in fire. Run away from (or interrupt) Inferno Leap (flame pool on ground). Stack up for aoe healing during Blessing of the Sun (channeled).
Grim Batol
  • General Umbriss: Run away from his charge. Heal tank above 90% for Bleeding Wound. Tank and melee run away from Ground Siege. Kite/burn trogg adds. Enrage at 30%.
  • Dragon Ride: Spam 1 (attack) and target the mobs along the left side of the path. Do as much damage as possible to make the rest of the instance easier. Same mobs on the right side for the return trip.
  • Forgemaster Throngus: Boss does weapon swaps. Swords, use tanking cooldowns. Mace, kite the boss. Shield, dps from behind. Stay out of the cave-in.
  • Drahga Shadowburner: 2-phases. Drahga (phase 1,3) - DPS burn Invoked Flaming Spirit, run if he get's too close to you. Valiona (phase 2) - frontal cone attack and void zones.
  • Erudax: On Shadow Gale, run into the eye of the storm and stay there. On tank knockback, let him come to you. DPS burn down adds. If someone is rooted, stay back 8 yards from them.
  • Glubtok: Phase 1: Tank and spank, occasional aggro reset. Phase 2: At 50%, stand in front or behind boss to avoid Arcane Power. Stay away from rotating fire wall and fire/frost bombs on the floor. AOE adds. Arcane Power again near death.
  • Helix Gearbreaker: Avoid bombs. If you get Chest Bomb, move away from the group. (Stand under the net to avoid fall damage.) Don't stand near the woodpile.
  • Foe Reaper 5000: 1 DPS controls the Reaper. Use 1-1-2 rotation to keep the adds stunned at the bottom of the ramp. Tank boss partway up the ramp. Run away during Harvest (charge). Stay out of the whirlwind. Enrage at 40%.
  • Admiral Ripsnarl: Charges random players and has a swipe attack. Boss disappears at 75%, 50%, 25% and spawns Vapors. If not killed, Vapors grow. Large Vapors cast a massive AOE. Near death, ignore vapors and burn the boss.
  • "Captain" Cookie: Stack up near the boss. Tank eats all the food. If you're standing on some food, take a step to the side.
  • Vanessa VanCleef: Glubtok: Avoid fire/ice, kill boss. Helix: Ignore spiders, dps boss. Reaper: Avoid sparks. Ripsnarl: Kill worgen, heal humans. VanCleef: Kill adds before boss. At 50%, 25%, 1%, click on ropes to avoid explosives.
Shadowfang Keep
  • Baron Ashbury: Interrupt Pain and Suffering. Watch out for Wracking Pain debuff - increases shadow damage. Interrupt Stay of Execution (heal) after about 1 tick (and heal party above ~20k hp). He chains AoE below 20% - burn him down.
  • Baron Silverlaine: When adds pop, focus DPS on them. Dispel the Cursed Veil debuff.
  • Commander Springvale: Always kill adds first, and interrupt their Unholy Empowerment heal, if possible. The ghost has a short range aoe silence, so stay back. Move out of Desecration. Make sure boss faces away from the group.
  • Lord Walden: Spread out, and run away from potions he throws at you. Move out of Ice Shards. For Mystery Toxin, green = go (keep moving), red = stop (don't move).
  • Lord Godfrey: Pull boss down into the room and face him away from the group. During Pistol Barrage, all move behind boss and aoe ghouls. Decurse Cursed Bullets, if possible.
And that should cover the rest. See any errors? Let us know if you get some good use out of these. If they continue to be helpful, I may put them on a page at the left to make finding them easier. Also, if you have suggestions for alternates, feel free to submit them in comments. I'll include any of those when/if I get around to putting it on a page. Just make sure they're "paste-able."

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  1. Vanessa Van Cleef: at 1%, she will blow herself up. Run away from her; no ropes will spawn.