Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dungeon Quick Strats Part 1

A friend of mine, Finwe, has been keeping a collection of copy-and-paste-able strats. He'd been using these in his random dungeon groups pretty successfully when someone asked what the "addon" was. Sadly, only a clever collector, but he wanted to guest post the one-liners in case others may get some use of them. I'm splitting them into two parts, one today and one tomorrow, so here they are in no particular order (he did the strats, I did the formatting):

Blackrock Caverns
  • Rom'ogg Bonecrusher: When he casts Quake, move out of the dust clouds and tank picks up the adds. Kill the adds. At 66% and 33%, he casts Chains of Woe. Burn down the chains, then everyone run out 20 yds before he casts Skullcracker.
  • Corla: 3 people stand in purple beams. At 80 stacks, step out, wait for debuff to expire, then step back in and repeat. Boss casts Dark Command (fear), which must be interrupted.
  • Karsh Steelbender: Tank pulls boss through the fire ~every 10 sec to keep flame debuff on boss. Fire causes AOE to group. If boss debuff gets above 15, let the stacks drop, causing adds, which must be kited by DPS. Adds leave flame puddles on death.
  • Beauty: CC or kill the pups, then focus on boss. Stay behind them to avoid fire breath. Beauty has a random charge (doesn't drop aggro). Also be ready for aoe knockback and aoe fear.
  • Ascendant Lord Obsidius: One DPS needs to kite the 3 adds around the room. (They cause a -healing debuff.) Other DPS should focus on the boss. At 66% and 33%, boss trades places with an add. Aggro is maintained, so just regroup and continue kiting.
Throne of Tides
  • Lady Naz'jar: Don't stand in bad stuff (green and blue circles). Interrupt Shock Blast. Waterspout at 66% and 33%: Avoid cyclones. Kill caster adds first (CC one, if possible). Interrupt Chain Lightning. After adds die, move back to the boss.
  • Commander Ulthok: Move boss slowly around the room. Don't stand in void zones. Dispel enrage, if possible. Decurse Fatigue, if possible. Tank can avoid Dark Fissure if you move out fast enough. Heal through Squeeze.
  • Erunak Stonespeaker & Mindbender Ghur'sha: Phase 1 (Erunak): Move out of Earth Shards. Dispel Emberstrike debuff. Interrupt Lava Bolt. Phase 2 (Mindbender): Burn MC player to 50% (no DOTs!) Don't use magic DPS during Absorb Magic (heals boss). Move out of green fog.
  • Ozumat: Phase 1: AOE murlocs. DPS and interrupt faceless ones. Tank kites behemoths. Phase 2: DPS sappers. Tank kites blight beasts. Don't stand in black stuff. Phase 3: Kill remaining adds during transition, then burn Ozumat (NE side of room).
  • Corborus: Healer dispel Dampening Wave on tank. Move out of Crystal Barrage and ranged aoe the adds that spawn from it. When he goes underground, run away from the dust clouds and aoe the adds.
  • Slabhide: Don't stand in front of him. He does NOT have a tail swipe. Don't stand in bad stuff. During Crystal Storm, use the rock slabs to break line-of-sight.
  • Ozruk: Tank strafe to the side for Ground Slam. Everyone attack during Shield Spike and Bulwark to DOT yourself and prevent Paralyze (do not dispel this). Run away when he casts Paralyze to avoid Shatter (8 yd range). Enrage at 25%.
  • High Priestess Azil: Interrupt Force Grip. Dispel Curse of Blood. Avoid Gravity Wells and rock shards (dust on the ground). Pull the adds through the gravity wells to damage them and aoe to finish them off.
Vortex Pinnacle
  • Grand Vizier Ertan: Stack up close to the boss. Run out when he pulls the whirlwinds in. Healer face the tempest when he spawns.
  • Altairus: Spread out and avoid the tornadoes. Try to stand with the wind at your back, if possible. Tank faces the boss downwind to help.
  • Asaad: Spread out to minimize Chain Lightning. Jump when he casts Static Cling (if you get rooted, it must be dispelled). Everyone move inside the lightning triangle (Unstable Grounding Field).
Lost City of Tol'Vir
  • General Husam: Don't stand in the yellow circles. Don't stand on an activated mine (middle glows yellow). Don't stand in the shockwave (big X on the ground). Move boss away from mines.
  • High Prophet Barim: Phase 1 - Ranged kite/kill the phoenix. Ignore the egg. Don't stand in the fire. Don't stand in the beam. Tanking cooldowns during Fifty Lashes. Phase 2 - Kill the dark phoenix. Slow and kill the Soul Fragments.
  • Lockmaw & Augh: Lockmaw - Stay away from tail. Spread out. Ranged attack Augh until he leaves. Nuke croc adds. Enrage at 30%. Augh - Kite during whirlwind. Use tanking cooldowns during Frenzy.
  • Siamat: Phase 1 - Ignore boss. Tank big adds (Servants). Burn little adds (Minions). Use interrupts. Stay away from winds. Transition after 3 servants die. Phase 2 - Don't be near the edge of the platform. Ignore adds and kill boss.
That's it for today. See any errors? Let us know if you get some good use out of these. If they continue to be helpful, I may put them on a page at the left to make finding them easier.


  1. Bravo Finwe! These are very nice, I'm going to copy them into our guild forums to spread the word!

  2. This is excellent! All too often you get a single player who's never seen the content. Unfortunately for me, it's usually the tank.


  3. Useful stuff thank you.

    On Grand Vizier Ertan you should avoid the whirlwinds as you run out.

    On Altairus it can be tricky to keep threat if the tank is downwind so it's best if the tank is slightly upwind though this takes a bit of practise, just watch the buff (green is good, red bad) as you strafe slightly on the cusp of the wind change.