Tuesday, March 22, 2011

QotD: Weekly Caps, Perfect?

There's a planned change in 4.1 that I feel is safe enough to talk about. It is the change to the daily dungeon rewards. Basically, instead of having a daily cap of one, they're changing to a weekly cap of seven. For a casual guild like mine, this is all the difference in the world. We don't always get five people online, but when we do, we like to run. And, being a fine tuned raiding machine (or at least attempting to be), we're getting to the point where we can actually knock these out quickly.

Obviously, our mileage varies based on the random draw, but assuming we get a few of the quicker ones, this change is most welcome. A big part of the casual raiding scene is maximizing the time you can spend. What we lack in time, we make up for in preparation and planning. If your casual, two hour a week guild is going to be successful in raids, that means you're going to have to do a lot of gearing on your own. We're not farming things. That's one of the raid steps that we cut out in order to be more efficient.

Thus, this change is great for us. Life tends to ebb and flow and so we can't always squeeze in a daily dip in the VP pool. With the simple change in mechanics from a daily cap to a weekly cap, we can now organize a second, "optional" day where the main goal is to spend a couple hours running 5-mans. Maybe we'll get in the occasional BH, but the point is to collect VP (and have a chance at epic drops in the new five mans). We're all pretty much JP'ed out, but the trickle of VP has been abysmally slow. We're only just learning the first few bosses, we don't farm, and we can't consistently do dailies. We'll probably still not hit the weekly limit, but our VP intake should see a definite uptick.

As things stand, I can't see a downside to this change. Is there one? How do you guys feel about it? Is it just me, or would you like to see more of this type of capping (as opposed to daily capping)?


  1. The only issue I see is that if a large enough number can knock out their weekly quota at the start of the week it might leave a lack of people, and longer queues at the end of it whether those people are working on their quota or just farming/gearing up.

  2. Ooh, good point. There could be a new trend where it becomes common knowledge that it's far better to PuG early in the "week cycle" that is WoW.


  3. While a good point, Byte, I still think the weekened will still have a lot of people trying to get their weekly cap in. Some (maybe many) people just don't have the time earlier in the week.

    Anyway, I think it's a good change that will help a lot of the weekend warriors catch up with their JP/VP gains AND it doesn't take away from anyone, either. Win-Win as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Right, that's probably the most likely scenario, Darth. Still, it would be a curious adjustment if such a trend proved true.

  5. I think I'm on the fence with this change. The part of me that spends 5 hours a night raiding thinks, "Woot! I can go to sleep an hour earlier than I would if I couldn't leave all my VP grinding to the weekend!" But the other part of me wonders if this is going to be a slippery slope. Where do you draw the line between what should be limited to a daily cap (which at this point looks to be guild rep and dailies) what should be a weekly cap (raid and PVP currency) and what should have no cap (rep grinds)? Or for that matter, why enforce any caps? Why shouldn't it be possible for someone to log into the game (much as they did in Tier 10) and put together a complete epic set in one weekend farming heroics?

  6. Hmm. I understand the point, but, to me, weekly capping of everything is a healthy middle point between "no caps" and "very capped." Since I think WoW caters to casuals at the end of the day (percent of market share and what have you), it makes sense for a more casual schedule.

    Let's be honest though, the existence of caps is really a way to protect people from themselves. Moderation is difficult to achieve on your own, so caps like this are a way of Blizz dictating what is "healthy." The problem with this is that it inherently varies per individual. Like I noted on Monday with Civ, I go on weekend gaming binges and it can be a healthy way to recharge. At the same time, I think we can all agree that the extremism portrayed by, say, the old South Park episode are way over the top. So they try to draw the line somewhere (arbitrarily) in between in order to save public face.

    Thus, I don't think it's a "slippery slope" because that's assuming there is one direction to "fall." In this case, you could go either way with a certain number of pros and cons, be the socially imposed or personally imposed.

  7. I see a drop in population in the LFD pool during the week but it will actually increase the length of time a person will spend in the LFD pool during the weekends. Also we might see something interesting, once you find a good group of players in one random you will be re-queuing with them for the follow on. The frustration might also increase if you get a string of really bad players.

  8. Good predictions. Particularly when we thinking about groups being more like to stick through multiple runs on the weekends. After all, if you luck into a good group...

  9. I agree that it could be an improvement for those with a more specific or fixed playtime, though how it pans out for numbers at the start, and end of any given week remains to be seen.
    Especially with the reset being in the middle of the working week instead of the weekend.

  10. @Kinzlayer

    Good call on good groups wanting to do multiple queues.

    Although I don't figure there will be any additional frustration from a string of bad groups. Having that happen makes one lose faith in humanity, regardless. :)