Monday, March 7, 2011

Fake Post -or- As the PvP Turns

I'm working on a "real" post for tomorrow. Wanted to get it done this morning, but alas, time continues to be uncooperative. The preview is that it's a response of sorts to Larisa's post on Friday where she basically talked about being "forced out" of her guild for being older. Lot of emotions, and that's probably a poor paraphrase, because no one really forced her out except for herself. In particular, I want to lay down my views on age discrimination in WoW and how I feel like we over-simplify things sometimes. Heavy stuff, I know, but it needs to be said.

Unfortunately, it needs to be said tomorrow since I can't do it properly until tonight (and I don't like putting posts up at night since I think most of us read at work or right after work). As such, I'll leave you with one completely unconnected thought:

Is it just me or has Alliance gotten significantly worse at PvP since I posted that article last week? Seriously, I can't get a win. Period. When I wrote that article, we were still sort of competitive. Sure maybe we only won 1 in 4, but we still won that one. In the last week or so, I can't come up with a win to save my life. Weekends, early nights, late nights... it doesn't seem to matter. TB or BGs. Ugh. Either I've just hit the worst slump of my PvP career, or something is going on that I don't quite understand. How can we be so bad? Why do there seem to be so many afk's and bots? How is it that the Horde seems so well coordinated while we're going the opposite direction?

And don't tell me: "shoulda rolled Horde." I get it, Alliance is notoriously worse at PvP. This goes beyond that though, and I'm not willing to re-roll. I maintain that it isn't fun for ANYONE if there is ZERO competition. It can't be as simple as "Alliance sux," because we've always "sucked" and this is markedly worse.

Anyone else out there notice anything like this?


  1. The last time I PvPd I got my ass handed to me by Alliance.

    Maybe it is just your battlegroup. I never really felt like one side was better than the other (I have played both sides).

  2. Ruin (@Elune) does have a pretty crap battlegroup Alliance-side. At least on the weekends, anyway. I haven't been able to confirm weekdays yet.

  3. Yeah, normally I haven't really felt too lopsided either. I think at least on my battlegroup that there's a perception that Alliance is "worse," but that it was never really that big of a deal.

    This is swiftly becoming "unfun" with how lopsided it seems. It feels like all the Horde I'm playing have been given a tenacity buff. It could be where they've been winning so much more over so much time that they're all just, in general, way outgearing us. I don't know. It just seems a lot worse than usual.

    A big problem is the number of afk'ers/bots. We get 1 to 2 afkers every time, and the occasional toon that just runs against the wall, hopping sometimes. When you're starting every battle down three people, that's a bit of a disadvantage.

  4. Does reporting those people help?

  5. @Poneria - I'm on Ruin as well I believe (Lothar). Maybe I'm doing the "rose colored glasses" thing, but I just never thought it was as bad as it has seemed lately.

  6. I always report them, but it takes like so many votes to get them kicked I think. In any case, it doesn't seem to happen right away, so it's like 5-10 minutes into a BG where we might get a replacement.

  7. Are you queuing up for random BGs or specific ones?

  8. I also encourage others to report when I see it, but I think a lot of people don't feel like it's effective, so they don't hit it for whatever reason. Probably just being lazy/selfish, which isn't Blizz's fault or anything, but the mechanic doesn't seem to play out as intended.

  9. And I'm doing randoms. Always randoms.

  10. I almost wonder if you should do a specific one, that alliance usually wins (AV) to get your morale up.

  11. That's the thing: even when the random has gotten me into AV, we're losing that consistently now too. We always used to win that (probably 80% of the time) and I haven't seen a win in probably the last 5 AV attempts. Like I said, could be just unlucky, but maybe not.

    The issue is that I want my daily random reward, including the Conquest Points.

  12. Don't know what to tell you my friend.

    I do know that Cynwise is on the Ruin BG. I used to be when I played Alliance and I always hoped to run into him in a BG.

    Maybe you'll get lucky!

  13. Ha. I'll chase him around on my DK and he'll be like "why does this random DK have it out for me?" And then I'll probably die.

  14. He is Alliance. You'd be on the same team

  15. Eh, the statement still holds :-).

  16. So yesterday morning I had a little bit of time while the family was at church. I queued up for some random BGs, zoned into Arathi Basin, and proceeded to have one of the best ABs I've had in weeks. Clear communication, humor, and good support at each node. Even though I was defending Stables, which isn't my favorite place, because - I mean, ST duty, come on - it was a really good game. I even had a Justicar compliment me on handing a 4v2 rush, because Glyphed Soul Swap + Soul Burned Demonic Circle + Whiplash = Afflock FTW.

    Last night I zoned in to do some BGs, and lost 5 straight in a row.

    Techincally, the battlegroups don't exist anymore for battlegrounds. They do exist for Arena play, but BGs should all be pulling from a big North American queue. I actually quite liked the Ruin BG on the Alliance side when it existed, because it was a good balance of competence and suckitude. Sometimes it just sucked. Other days it would be great. But the queue times were good, and we won enough to keep me happy.

    (Perhaps it was because I spent too much time in Alterac Valley. I'm not sure.)

    This past week has been rough in the evenings. I don't track my wins and losses as much as I used to, but thinking back, I lost a lot in the evenings. There are probably a few things going on here.

    1) Spring break (school)
    2) The Rift effect
    3) Spring break (adults)
    4) Leveling waves

    I think all of these are contributing in some form or another to instability in the battlegrounds. We're now at the point where the really great PvPers are not in the BGs (no Honor Point rewards left), so the average caliber of gear has gone down, casual players have returned and are playing in high-traffic times, etc.. It happens. Populations aren't consistent, and this may just be a sucky period. It'll turn around eventually.

    I basically look at it as: I might lose more playing Alliance, but at least I don't have to wait 40 minutes for a regular BG to pop?

    Also, the fact that I can't queue with people from other servers irritates the bejesus out of me. I would love to be able to BG with y'all, for, against, it doesn't matter!

    But alas.

    (offtopic: I've had people focus fire me in BGs before, and then gotten nice emails from them afterwards. I actually really enjoy getting killed by readers, or killing them in turn. It's like the circle is complete that way.)

  17. a) "she basically talked about being "forced out" of her guild for being older."

    Now, I haven't gone back and re-read the post. But if I recall correctly, Larisa was the only one who brought up her age in the matter. As it could be contributing to her relatively poor raid performance. So, it may be a little unfair to suggest she was descriminated against because of her age.

    b) I apparently am queueing for BG's at the wrong time, because I always manage to find the Alliance is kicking the Horde's ass. Or maybe it's me stinking up the place... but I'm not finding things lop-sided in favour of the Horde.

    c) Mages ftw!

  18. @cynwise - All good points. We'll see how it shakes out.

    @Darth - re:a - see the sentence immediately following your quotation. I did say it was a poor paraphrase. I think it'll make more sense tomorrow too.

    Otherwise, ymmv depending on your server I guess.

  19. As for PvP, my time frame held true the other night. I hopped on around 8pm. This is alliance time for PvP but I ran my horde pally anyways... and got crushed.
    So I get my alliance shadow priest out and go 2-1. Not bad. I go out and do some questing and it is 10pm. Back to the horde pally who goes 2-0.

    In other news I may get back into the PvE side. I've rolled a warrior. A protection warrior. Am I out of my mind? Anyway, for grins, when I hit level 10 I took him to AB where I promptly got him lolstomped.

  20. Seems like I'll have to play at 8pm on the dot :-).

  21. yeah I notice some times it is a wreck and others it is awesome. I do a lot of Arena now because you can grab a couple of competent people and make some points, get some gear, a lot of fun really.