Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shout Out Thursday

Life has been uncooperative lately in terms of both providing WoW blog fodder and affording me time to write. I suppose you'll have that. Thus, today you're only gonna get a few quick links and blurbs from me.

Larisa mentions the general slow down today, attributing some of it to folks off playing Rift. I've seen scores of Rift articles, and pretty much every one of them says at some point "it's sort of different but not really." I don't really have any friends that were pulled away by Rift, so I'm not planning to hop in at all. Pleasant rifting to those of you that are.

THEN, she goes and drops a cute "piggie" on us all. Granted, B cubed coined the term with regards to Larisa's annual awards, but then Tesh took it to the next level. Check 'em out here. Yep, I totally want one now. Gonna have to stick around for another year it seems and turn last years nom into a win :-). I could use the non-award one, sure, but where's the fun in that. I'm a competitor!

Speaking of B cubed, he talks a bit about his creative process today with regards to his PBeM series. I've enjoyed the stories since he's started, and creating readable fiction from a game/rolling perspective fascinates me. It's really neat to figure out how the choices and rolls were woven in, and he hits it spot on when he talks about how sometimes the fiction just won't come out. You can read it for yourself here.

My solution has always been to write within the realm of one of my other projects for a bit, letting the other stew. I've read where a lot of authors have this experience, where the subconscious needs to chew on the idea a bit before it comes out right. Realizing that, it makes a bit more sense how someone could be writing two books at once, for instance. That was something I'd always wondered about and understood better once I embarked on my own endeavors. It's really odd to realize even when you aren't actively doing something, your mind is still chomping away.

And apparently, as far as blogging goes, my brain needs to chew a bit more. Wouldn't want to choke!

Finally, saw a post about a neat little idea for a Community Map. Post is here, and there's apparently a poll at a later post I'll need to check out. (Blocked from work).

We swapped raid nights to tonight, so we've had over a week off. I'm anxious to get back into it because we're way behind. We've had a lot of organizational issues getting this thing going, but I think we've finally been work out a good time. /crosses fingers.

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