Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings

I have several random things this fine Monday. The first thing I'd like to touch on revolves around continuing content here. It seems like we're going through another wave of folks closing up shop and moving on to other things. I think after you've been around the blogosphere long enough, you begin to learn to take these things in stride. Blogging, after all, is a bit transitory. Especially on the casual, non-paid end of the spectrum.

And yet, there's always a little bit of emptiness when someone you used to invite into your head and space chooses to move on. Some part of me always can't help but feel like I've been left standing at the bus stop in the rain. Such is the nature of loss.

Anyway, before I delve too deeply into that, I just wanted to write about my plans in particular for the coming months. Currently, I'm in a self-imposed holding pattern, waiting for 4.1 to drop. Long time readers will know that I shy away from PTR notes, preferring to save the bulk of my words for when the changes go live. In addition, I've hit a point with my toons where I only feel the urge to raid, which means I'm only logging on about once a week. Now, there are still other things I'm interested in doing - maxing archaeology, leveling my Worgen, finishing off my PvP gear set - but these are long term goals that I like to stretch out. In a big way, I avoid burnout by allowing myself to back off and let the goals come to me (like I mentioned about Short Naps last week).

Such is the mode I'm in now. The downside to that is perhaps that I rely a bit on in-game time for writing ideas. When you're not playing, it's hard to write about that game. And I'm not going to force it. Thus, like I did during the summer lull last year, I will probably go down to about three posts a week. You can expect more when patches drop, and maybe if things start to pick up in the other blogs that I read enough to spawn side ideas. I just wanted to be clear: I'm not going anywhere. This is not the "slow trickle of death" that we've seen around. There are still things that I want to do in game. There's just no reason to hurry, and I've got a lot of other projects coming along (one which I'm really excited to share with you guys, but not until it's ready. I did mention it in passing on TNB last Saturday, fwiw).

Which brings me to topic two: The Twisted Nether Blogcast. Fuu and I had a blast on Saturday with Fimlys and Hydra. I was a little sick and Fuu might have been a little drunk, but hopefully we weren't too droll. As long time listeners of TNB, it was great to finally be invited on. Thanks to everyone who showed up live. I'll throw a post up whenever I find out that they've gotten the recording up for download. Feel free to comment with any additional questions after you've listened to it.

And finally, to topic three: Larisa has closed up the inn. Like I said above, I can't help but feel a bit sad by the departure of a cornerstone, and the Pink Pigtail Inn has certainly been a cornerstone. Like everything else she's done, Larisa departs with the grace and style that we've come to expect from her. We'll miss the toasts, the tales, and the piggies, but such is the way of things. We here at KeS wish Larisa only the best wherever the winds may take her, and hope that some day our paths cross again.

(On a personal note, I feel like now is the time to admit that I did feel a splash of pride when Larisa first commented on my blog. I was like: "she reads me!" in typical blogger "we're-all-fans-of-each-other-but-we-forget-it-might-be-reciprocal" fashion. Lame, I know, but there it is.)

/sad piano interlude
/glances at cloudy sky
/puts up hood to ward off rain
/trudges away


  1. Thank you for your kind words. And as you say - who knows, maybe we'll meet again. Maybe one day you'll meet a pink pigtailed gnome in disguise without knowing. I might tell you. I might let you figure it out by yourself.

    May your pints be well filled and tasty!


  2. A Pink Pigtailed Ninja?! Oh heaven help me. XD


  3. I'm actually having plans on picking up budo once I quit WoW... :)

  4. Ha. Letting out your inner rogue. Just, don't sap me. Drives me nuts.