Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Post and Heroic "Nerf" Idea

We made it back, mostly in one piece. I've acquired the debuff: "Epic Double Ear Infection" which, which made me especially vulnerable to the AoE of the Airline Boss. You know the one, Pressure Drop. Yeah, awful. Nearly one shot me.

Luckily I hit up the healer yesterday and go some solid buff food. Told me it'll take 3 days before I stack enough immunity to clear the lingering stacks of Pressure Drop. Until then, it's like I'm leveling in Vashj'ir. Everything sounds so muffled and is just a bit wavy. Thus, this is the best, most entertaining analogy I can come up with.

In other news, they didn't Rogue-drop the patch on me while my back was turned. They also tweaked Fel Armor away from stupid mana and back toward good health. Much rejoicing.

Finally, I wanted to add one little idea to one of the discussions I've seen floating around the blogosphere. This one is relating to the "Heroics are Too Hard" conversation. There have been several good posts both for and against nerfing heroics. Before my brain blew up on the plane, I had this idea: Instead of trying to tweak the difficulty of the dungeons, why not simply fix the rewards to adhere better to the effort invested.

The problem, as I see it, is that we're still being rewarded as if heroics were as easy as they were in Wrath. The gearing path is still the same. Yet, we're not completing things with enough regularity to feel a sense of progress, leading to friction. I'm not sure that the issue is being able to fully finish heroics or not, it's being able to complete enough that you feel like you "got somewhere". Since heroics are clearly the desired path step in "gearing up", then getting somewhere is synonymous with getting gear.

Therefore, let's simply tweak the rewards so we can get gear just a bit faster. Doesn't have to be as fast and easy as Wrath. The heroics can retain their challenge. It just seems to me that we should be getting a bit more gear than we are. This could be remedied simply by increasing JP for each boss, decreasing JP piece costs, or increasing the number and rate of items that drop. It could be doing one of those things, or all of those things.

Along those lines, my favorite solution is this: Rework the daily dungeon reward to be given with the demise or a random boss. Instead of only being rewarded for a complete dungeon clear, since some dungeons can run quite long, make it trigger on the first or second boss. Something early and achievable in about an hour. I don't really want to see the heroics made simple, but I would like to feel like I accomplished something in an hour. A nice VP reward would help that, I think.

Sure, some PuGs might simply drop and quit after getting the VP Boss down, but some PuGs drop and quit now anyways. At least then everyone has gotten something.

Maybe this could be even easier to implement by simply adding another daily quest.  Like the weekly raid quest, perhaps this simply rotates and requires the "head" of a certain boss in exchange for VP.  Why not?  You wouldn't have to even muck with the LFD reward system then.  The amount of VP rewarded could be tweaked so we're looking at reliably getting maybe one piece a month.  I don't think that's too fast, but I do think there should be a path that rewards you for time spent.  Perhaps that's catering to casuals, but it really sucks when you spend your precious 2 hours some night beating your head against a middle boss in a dungeon and leave with nothing but a minuscule amount of JP to show for it (because heaven forbid anything but mail drops when you're 3 clothies, a leather, and plate wearer).  

I don't know, maybe there are pitfalls there I'm not thinking about in my muddled state.  It just seems to me that a big amount consternation is just do to lack of feeling like we're progressing.  There would seem to be better ways to ease this rather than ruining a challenge.  Not that I think any of the proposed "nerfs" necessarily do this.  They really seem to "walk the line" between outright nerfs and well-deserved changes.  I guess we'll see, but I just felt the urge to try to think outside the nerf-bat.


  1. I think you hit up why I've switched over to PvP. I can go to a BG and get honor points if I win or lose and I can spend less than an hour doing it. Cata is pretty much gonna be a PvP expansion for me.

    Not to mention, leveling in BGs is just sick. I did 5 WSG battles on the WSG honor weekend, went 4-1 and got 2 levels. That took about a hour and a half.

    That and I just need a break from the PvE side of things.

  2. Yeah, it's just a matter of the rewards being worth the time needed. I'm not talking about undergeared folks either, as we know. It's a struggle for properly geared people to get somewhere appreciable in an hour or so.

    That being said, I'm working my DK up to get back into the PvP game. My guild will start raiding soon, but I've managed to eek out the gear needed to start with them... barely. And we're slow and I play pretty much daily for at least an hour or so! I can't imagine what the more casual folks are doing! I mean we're no speed demons over here but we're not extremely casual either.

  3. Great ideas. I also don't want the dungeons dumbed down, but to invest 2 hours (at the minimum for DPS) and have absolutely no returns (rep is better grinded in normal mode, xp is not needed @85) is frustrating.

    I had posted something similar on the official forums. No response of course.

    Sounds like they are doing this with Justice Points in the new patch...but who cares? I am constantly capped @ 4k already.

  4. Yeah, maybe it's as simple as making the Justice Point rewards better, which will naturally happen once we get to the next tier of gear (the previous tier will drop down)... so there is light at the end of the tunnel regardless... just wish things were better tweaked now.

    Like you said, I just don't want a major ruining change now which something minor would do just fine.