Thursday, January 6, 2011

Treasure Hunter: Lost City Episode

There we were in the midst of anchient desert ruins, sand blowing at our feet, the boiling sun beating down our backs.  The strange, four legged manbeasts were trying to keep us from discovering the secrets of their Lost City, but we were well equipped adventurers.  We'd barely begun to sweat when we saw... it.

You see, we'd been progressing carefully, avoiding what we could and subduing what we could not avoid.  We used every trick at our disposal to keep the scuffles quiet and manageable, lest we become overwhelmed.  The five of us - two paladins, a priest, a mage, and, of course, a warlock - had many tricks at our disposal.  We'd seen a lot together: the destruction of an Old God in Ulduar, the glory of the Tournament in Icecrown, even the Fall of the Lich King in the Citadel.  Yet, nothing we'd seen could prepare us for... it.

(Dramatic Cat is jealous.)

It began with the pigmies.  Those stinkin' pigmies, ridin' on each other's shoulders and shit.  What do they think they're playing at, pretending to be one mob, yet really being three?  It's ludicrous I tell you!

But then, some things happened - there may have been drinking involved - and we were presented with the opportunity to view two rare beasts: The Sheepdoublepigmy and the Pigmysheeppigmy.  What those pigmies are doing with their sheep, I don't want to... I don't even... In the name of all that is...  Well, you look at the pictures!

Look closely now!
I want a sheep mount!
Now what?
I'll pass on the sheep sandwich.

Needless to say, it was difficult to focus on proper exploration with such shenanigans going on around us. This whole city and it's freaky sheep rituals can just stay lost!

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