Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frost DW DK Update

Slowly but surely I've been leveling Decedereful, my DK, toward 85. Last night she just dinged 84 and I plopped the resultant talent point in it's place. Our guild has unlocked the first tier of increased experience gains, so with that and rested experience, the time I've spent has been quick. The zone path went from Hyjal, to Deepholm, to Uldum. I doubt I'll be able finish Uldum without hitting 85, but it will probably be close.

My second time through, a few things have struck me. First, leveling a gathering profession is infinitely more pleasant than the tailoring/enchanting hell I went through on my main. It was amazing to me that I maxed out mining as earlier as I did. I went from 500 to 525 last night in about an hour by doing large circles of Uldum. Pretty easy compared to how I've had to beg, borrow, and steal cloth and materials for my other professions. Engineering on this toon is still behind the curve, but there are a lot of 5-pointers which make it not so bad.

Apart from professions, I don't feel that my playstyle has evolved all that much. That is, I still feel like I'm doing exactly the same things I was doing at 80. I guess I was a bit spoiled by my warlock. There were significant spells added that you really had to think about, some that should be used extensively. With a Frost DW DK, there really doesn't seem to be anything that affects what I use. Sure there's a new strike that will steal some healing and there's the nice little spell that lets you instantly apply both of your diseases, but neither have really made it into my basic set of Things To Do. I'm still: Howling Blast > Plague Strike > Obliterate > Frost Strike... rinse, repeat. I throw some blood strikes in to keep some death runes active, but otherwise, I'm just using those four abilities as needed.

I guess I find myself sort of disappointed, yet not at the same time. I can see where some of those new abilities will have situational usage, and I look forward to using that healing stealing strike thingy in PvP, but it's sort of same-old, same-old. Really makes me appreciate the care they've taken with Warlocks anew. There were really smart changes to 'locks. DKs seem to largely have been left alone, which seems odd to me given that they basically destroyed several playstyles (i.e. DW and Frost tanking in general). Maybe this is a good thing, I don't know.

Any Frost DK's out there? How do you feel?

And I don't care what anyone says, Uldum is fun the second time around too, even though it is the epitome of a Universal Studios rollercoaster.


  1. Since starting out on a new server, I started leveling a DK as "fast and quick" way to get a second high level toon. Unfortunately he stagnated at 60 and has now become my banking alt. I've always really liked the idea of Dual-Wielding, one of the main reasons I leveled a shaman. Unfortunately all my dual-wielders are on my old server. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and bring one over to the new server.

  2. yeah, it's fun and still bursty and all... but I got Soul Swap, and Fel Fire, and Dark Intent on my 'lock. Is one neat new buff or one nice spell way of swapping diseases really too much to expect? I think I really just want a more fluid way of moving between targets at this point.

  3. My current DK is farming too also. 2H frost for PvP. I suck at it. On the farming side, mining+skinning=gold.

    Anyhoo... I'm reading the MMO-Champ forums and people are saying pallies should go holy or prot for PvP. Holy I understand, I've done it, holy pallies are great pvp healers. But prot? My PvP pally is currently ret. What the hell are these peeps talking about?

  4. well.... it hasn't changed that much for Frost DK to be honest, especially for DW. The most important game changer is that you have outbreak now. Always Always remember to use it. It saves you 1 frost and 1 unholy, which is the cost of an obliterate. It has the bonus effect that you don't cast a Howling blast that can ruin CC.

    Rune abilities are always prioritized over RP abilities, this is because of runic empowerment procing and refreshing runes.

    Overall, frost DW actually feels more dynamic compared to last time. It used to be kinda like FCFS system, now you have to watch a bit cause Runic empowerment makes it more dynamic. (A little I grant you, but it's still helluva fun)

    NOW, if you want to PvP... I suggest you go Blood spec for it ;) Wanna be an indomitable Juggernaut of destruction? Take some Tank gear, sub in some PvP gear, and viola you have a Class capable of chewing up melee classes. I have taken out Pallies, DK, warriors and the occasional Rogue in PvP on my DK. At no point in time does my health dip below 30% and I often end fights with at least 60%. Blood shield allows you to absorb all their physical hits, AMS allows you spell reduction, Dark simulcrum allows you to blink and bubble ;)

    Try it! XD you might like it more than you think ;)

  5. I definitely want to try out a blood tank spec sometime soon, but that'll probably be a while with all the other stuff I want to do.

    I tried to BG level too and decided questing is really just that much better, so I have a lot to do on the PvP front still.

    Prot both DK and Pally, can be dangerous in PvP. Fuu PvP's in her tank spec sometimes and it's the simple fact that it takes anyone forever to kill you. You rack up the HKs, but ppl often steal KBs :-).

  6. yeah, my Prot Pally is a Freight train in the night!

    I usually only die once out of sheer overwhelming and my very own stupidity but I can slow & silence ranged with Avenger's shield, I can heal myself extremely well with WoG or just switching my seals. We have GOBS of Defensive cooldowns for when you're distracting multiple enemies.

    All around, Prot is a delicious way to go in PvP. Your main objective is to survive for ever and irritate everyone on the field :)

  7. I'll have to give prot pally pvp a try. Will just a cookie cutter tanking spec do? Keep in mind, this toon is only level 42. Should I wait till a higher level?

    I might switch my farming DK to blood to PvP with as both frost and unholy just have me running up the oppositions HKs.

  8. Oh sweet, a guide!

  9. @ Tkc

    Since the talent trees were nuked & streamlined, there doesn't really need to be a ton of talent point changes to make you viable for both pvp & pve. Some talents are specifically made for pvp (or rarely used in pve) such as Hammer of Justice or reducing the cooldown on your Blessing of Sacrifice (I believe that's what that talent does) in the Ret tree. But overall, you're free to spec as you see fit with your play style.

    Since you're a mid level Paladin, I think right now is a great time to poke around a bit at it. Get in there & get messy I say!

    Once you start PvPing, you start to see what you use more and other places that might need some tweeking. You'll also start getting used to your current spells and as you level up, you'll be able to intigrate your new spells & talents in at a steady pace. That's why I suggest starting now rather than wait until 80-85.

    Paladins have so many tools that its hard to just throw yourself into it and expect to know and understand how everything works.

    Incoming Metephor!

    It's Sort of like playing a memory game. If you start now, you are working with less cards to memorize. As you level up, you're given more cards but at a slow rate. If you were to wait. It's like going from no cards to 100 cards. Good luck Acing the Test! Those Horde wont go easy on you :-)

    That method just sounds frustrating to me personally.

    Let me know how things work out for you! I really hope that you enjoy Prot with your Paladin & DK!

    <3 Your friendly neighborhood Fuubaar