Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Warlock Macro Update... Again

The Azerothian Weather Service (AWS) has confirmed a Rain of Fire in the Warlock CC Posting province.  They are classifying it as a full Deluge. 

As such, I've picked up a thing here or there and returned to modify some of my macros.  Warlocks are, apparently, now the upper echelon of Crown Control.  I wanted to pass along the changes in case you're a weather lover like I am.

I'm also honing my Spanish since we leave on a vacation to Mexico in a little less than two weeks. 

Numero Uno
I have never been a pet micro-manager.  The concept is abhorrent to me.  If I wanted to micro-manage a pet, I'd go demo.  Or BM Hunter.  (/shudder)  However, with the increased emphasis on Warlock CC, I could no longer ignore the issue that my pet, on defensive, kept wanting to attack the damn CC target since I'd lead off with that.  So I did what I should have done a long time ago, I added a simple "petattack" line to one of my spells.  I generally lead off with Corruption, so that's where I did the work.  You may want a different spell, which is fine.  Also on this, you can see that I'm triggering my trinkets.  I use the slot numbers so that when I switch in and out gear, the macro doesn't need updated (like if you were to use the item name).  

#showtooltip Corruption
/use 13
/use 14
/cast [nomod] Corruption
/cast [mod:alt] Bane of Agony
/petattack target

That's it.  I don't need any more.  This sends my pet in to attack the target I've put Corruption on until it is dead.  I then leave the pet set to passive to avoid any CC-breaking unpleasantness.  The only down side is that I do have to pay attention and sick him on the next target, since normally I soul swap over my DoTs.  This is acceptable to me for now.

Numero Dos
Sort of a corollary to uno, if you are an engineer, you may be looking for a clever way to macro your Nitro Boost.  I used to have a button I could hit for my boots, then they switched it to belt and that broke.  I had to play around with numbers to find it (a quick google search yielded no results), so I wanted to make note of it.  If you're looking to use the item in your belt slot, use the following:

/use 6

I even chose a speedy-looking icon.  This is for my DK though, so the Warlock is a lie on this one.  I wouldn't think many 'locks are engineers, but I've heard of crazier things.

Numero Tres
Finally, I decided to further complicate my CC macro(s).  I added mouseover capability.  It kept happening where I'd have my CC target targeted, successfully pacify it, then fail at clicking over to skull for one reason or another.  Really annoying to just have plopped Corruption on your CC target, let me tell you.  If it's banish, not so bad, but if it's fear... ugh.

Mouseover solves this by letting me focus the correct guy without clicking.  I also bound one of my button slots to the "F" key, and I swap in the Banish or Fear version depending on my target.  Previously, I'd been clicking, but it makes it a lot nicer to not have to. 

#show Fear
/clearfocus [target=focus,dead][target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus, noexists][target=focus, dead] mouseover
/cast [target=focus] Fear
/clearfocus [mod:alt]

The change from before is that I basically just replaced the "/focus" line with a new one that triggers on mouseover.  Now the only tricky part is mousing over the correct target if I don't have a good vantage point.  I think I can handle that.

Uno mas cerveza por favor.  Gracias.  Donde esta el bano? 


  1. I use the /use 6 on my warlock engineer for the boosts. I ended up making a set of general macros, since I have a lot of engineers - one for the helm, cloak, boots (now deleted) gloves and belt.

  2. Yeah, totally a must have for a PvP toon... for me that's the DK. The cloak I've been lazy and just dragged now. Did you ever find a good source for the slot numbers? I always tend to forget unless I've saved a macro somewhere. For this, I'd never used my belt before, and couldn't find a good reference.

  3. Guess I'll have to look at mouseover macros again. In the past, I've never had great success with them. Sitting there spamming the key-binding to only have them melt my face in the process.

    Pepsi sin hielo, para mi

  4. Thanks for the macros -- I'm sure they'll be handy.

    For the record, though, it's "una cerveza." Beer is a feminine word in Spanish. :)

  5. My engineer lock disagrees.

    Synapse springs is hard to pass tbh if macrod to a offensive spell.

    (allowing a skilled engineer to increase their Intellect by 480 for 12 sec. The gloves can only be activated every minute.)

  6. I started out using the mouseover feature a lot in Cata for both Fear and Banish where the mouseover sets your focus frame and then you can then banish / fear the focus without changing targets (I got the original macro ideas from Cynwise's site). After having tried it this way for a couple weeks I've decided that while it's a cool idea in concept, it's much more difficult to use mouseover in practice, for me at least. All too often in pugs one of two things happens, the tank thinks he doesn't need cc (the phrase "cc is for the weak" was used by the tank in one recent heroic), but then everything goes awry after the pull and I need to quickly cc something in the middle of a pack of 5. Trying to do that with mouseover is, well, trying. And / or things go all pear shaped after the pull and the target you were supposed to cc before the pull changes and, again, trying to mouseover inside a tight pack of 5 becomes very difficult. So I've gone back to setting the focus frame off of my target so that I'm sure I have the right one.

  7. Yeah, one of the first things I added was the clearfocus line so I could quickly and easily re-target. It takes some getting used to and it's not perfect, but also, I don't PuG a lot so that helps with things going more or less as planned.