Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Gold Making Tip(s) of the Day!

Hey Gang!

I wanted to make a quick post about something that I saw last night when I was on my Jewelcrafter. After I do my Jewelcrafting daily for my token, I head over to the auction house to stock up on the raw gems that weren't used for the daily that are running on the less expensive end.

On my Server, Nightstone should be renamed to Nightmare! Even when the raw gem isn't used for that Jewelcrafting daily, it still runs around 40g each minimum. So, if I see that it's less than that, I try to pick those up and hope that I get some lucky prospecting.

Tip #1: if you have spare raw gems that are part of the Jewelcrafting Daily that day, Post them on the AH. By around 8pm server time they will shoot from 10-20g each to 40-100g (depending on what it is). Post them in Batches of Three at a time because that's how many the Jewelcrafters need. If you don't enjoy selling your goods on the AH, you can always use the Trade Channel to Bark out that you are standing next to the Quest giver and have raw gems for that day.

Tip#2: If you are in desparate need of some quick gold, check out cut uncommon gems. Many Jewelcrafters are skilling up on huge batches of these and posting them in bulk on the Auction House. How does this make you money? Firstly, all cut uncommon gems vendor for 9gold each. When these Jewelcrafters post massive amounts of gems, they probably weren't paying attention to the vendor cost and just putting them on the Auction House without much thought. Check out Each Gem color and see if any cut uncommon gems are being posted for less than 9g. If so, buy them up and vendor them for easy profit.

The great thing about both of these tips is that you don't need to be a Jewelcrafter to make money from them.

Have you discovered any new tricks since Cataclysm?

<3 Your Friendly Neighborhood Fuubaar


  1. I have found several times uncut uncommon green gems for less than 8g... If you don't want to the AH reselling the cuts, just cut them in anything you want and vendor them...
    I bought 46 Zephyrite at 5g50s last week...Cut them, and made 150g of benefit(I actually sold the perfect cuts (6) on the AH).

  2. I've found that posting to the AH can vary even by the day of the week. Tuesdays raid reset, so post gems, enchants and such early tuesday to catch raiders wanting to upgrade. Then look to the weekend (thursday night, friday morning) to capture your casual player traffic.

  3. Well speaking for myself i missed the money train but the i think the best gold making oppotunity was in hands of ppl who has enhc/alch professions. They re like goose laying golden eggs :) I mean it. Here's the tip (still not bad idea) making Alchemy epic trinket, which is BoP, and then dench it. Maelstrom Crystal was in 3-4k range before many ppl realized this way of producing crystal.
    Well in my server (Twisting Nether) many ppl already knew this, so the price has dropped to 850 gold per crystal.

    Lets do the quick math...12 cinderbloom, 12 Azshara Veil, 12 Heartblossom and 50 Volatile Life. Those herbs have 9g average (in my server 5g CB, 11g HB and 12G AV) and 5g for volatiles. So, producing the trinket by purchasing mats from AH costs 574g more or less and you can sell the crystal for 850-900g.

  4. All very good tips!

    Another thing that I've noticed is that mats for professions usually are more expensive than the product that it makes. Mainly from people still trying to level professions. If you keep them stocked, they will line your pockets ;-)

  5. As a dps, as you already know, there's usually a long time "doing nothing" while in queue for LFD (unless you're going with the guild).
    I usually fly around the different zones looking for Silken Treasure Chests (
    Most blue items that drop in the new zones sell for 400 gold or more.
    With a addon like GatherMate2 or Gatherer and their "on the go" maps it's really easy to locate most spawnpoints of these chests. Usually, I find about 2-3 of these every hour which makes a good profit on the AH.