Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Hack at New Rotation

I dug into my revamped spellbook this weekend. I amused myself by listing the items that jumped out to me as changes. Then I took inventory of my bars, tweaked a few things, and practiced what I came up with on a dummy. I was on a level 80 dummy and recount said I was doing like 20k DPS. I'm not sure how that compares to what I was doing before the patch. I think it seems about the same, but I was hardly employing the scientific method.

Here's that list, in no particular order:
  • They made Dark Intent into a raid-wide buff. No more decisions. Darn. I rather liked being able to exclude people. Felt very warlocky. This is still probably a good thing, though.
  • CotE - Soulburn for AoE. Whatever.
  • Dark Soul - This looks new. Basically a trinket pop, short term buff.
  • Fel Fire - Changed to refresh two spells now, Corr and UA. Does this make it worth it? Seems to be a lot closer now... the button presses (GCDs) appear to equal out now.
  • Life Tap - Now absorbs healing? So, you can't hurt yourself. Another thing that is somewhat less warlocky, but oh well. 
  • Unending Resolve - This is new. Something it would be nice to have on hand, it seems. Situational.
  • Soul Shatter now uses health instead of a shard.
  • Our shards are basically just for Haunt. Meh.
I pulled out Shivarra, buffed up, and hit on the dummy. No, not her. The stuffed dude. On the stick.

My rotation ended up like this:
  1. Corruption
  2. Agony
  3. Unstable Affliction
  4. Haunt
  5. Malefic Grasp as filler.
I tried to keep Haunt going as much as my shards would allow. I was much less than 100% up time. Didn't get shards as fast as I needed. That's pretty annoying.

I would switch to Drain Soul (instead of MG), but the dummy's health didn't get low. They don't really do that.

Otherwise, it was pretty much that simple. Unlike Cynwise, I really didn't feel the need to blow away all of my buttons and start fresh. In fact, most of them still worked just fine (they transferred well). My basic UI strategy involves double using numeric keys with macros. That is, I don't do a whole lot of complicated stuff. I simply set things up so that holding "alt" brings up a second set of spells. That was, all the important parts of my spellbook are right there. I think the simple approach worked in my favor with the changes.

Overall, it wasn't too bad. It felt fast, and I was a bit clumsy. I used FF to refresh Corr and UA. Not sure if that's the best way, but I'm not sure why it wouldn't be. If the GCDs are indeed equal now, you're just adding a direct damage component to your refreshing, right?

I'm sure there were things I'm missing, but I think I caught the basics. I know that Demo and Destro seemed to have gotten a lot of the "cool new" stuff. I'm anxious to try them as well, but Affliction had to be the first cut. I should have queued up for some things, but didn't really get the chance. I'm hoping to sneak back into a raid group as a sub or something. We'll see how that goes. Until then, it's just me and the dummy. Oh, and that guy on the stick.


  1. You really should give the sacrifice a shot. The boost to the basic spell and the fact that it's less micromanagement is interesting.

    Plus when you sacrifice your blue demon, you have another extra health boost button to hit.

  2. I ran a BG the other night and it appeared a lot of the Alliance were trying out their rotation as well. Horde won simply because Alliance never attacked the flag carrier. :)

    I, too, feel very clumsy with the rotation. My macros aren't working with the key combos. I miss some of my mouse combos (shift - wheel up for death coil) and it's a few buttons shorter. :) No more immolate for Demo. I might just have to go back to Affliction or Destro. (Destro was fun on the beta.)

    Happily the BG queue for DPS was NOT 30 minutes.

  3. @BigFire - Yeah, I'll try it eventually, I'm sure. I just wonder if it will stay the best choice for aff'locks. Seems like such a "destro" thing. Destruction, Sacrifice... basically the same, you know?

    I think maybe I'd like to see a third option for aff'locks that improves DoTs and "forces" me to use my felpup.

    @Elk - I'm tempted to start PvP'ing on my 'lock. I never have because I just never really enjoyed it in previous editions. Now that I have that AoE stun, though... well, I'd always wanted that spell on my aff'lock.

  4. I tried using Felfire to refresh the dots but it's kinda eating into mana quite a bit. It's actually cheaper to let the dots fall off and then reapply them as compared to using felfire. That being said, I'm really not used to the new incarnation of Curse of Agony XD i have to keep reminding myself to refresh it now XD

  5. Cheaper mana-wise... but is it a DPS loss? I'll probably have to consult some theorycrafters.

  6. You are missing two of the best features of Affliction:

    1. Soulburn - Soul Swap repeated 4 times. Lots of yellow numbers covering my screen as I go straight to the top of the trash damage meter.

    2. Burst DPS as Affliction!!! Pop Dark Soul, put DOTs on via SB-SS, Haunt, MG. This does surprising amounts of damage right from the pull.

    I was really struggling with Affli just after 5.04, but I'm really loving it now. My DOT refreshes are far from perfect, but slowly getting better. I'm still using Supremecy, mainly because Sacrifice is supposed bugged on Madness. Plus I can't wait for Children's Week to get my matching companion.

    My biggest challenge is choosing between Destro and Affli. After every boss fight I want to re-run it instantly in the other spec. However Affli is definitely tops for trash.

  7. I certainly have not been able to experience those perks yet. It's good to know that, well, there are some. It's been a while since we've seen good changes, hasn't it?

  8. With Pandemic at level 90, keeping your dots running will be a lot easier. No need to let anything fall off, and no clipping.
    Soul Burn + Soul Swap puts all 3 dots on the target immediately, which is great. I wouldn't say it's even close to the burst damage of a Ret Paladin, but it's a lot better than it used to be.

  9. You're not the Vlad that kicked my ass in League of Legends last night, are you? *shudder* it was bad... (he rocked it)

    I spent all of a hour on a dummy (in the live game), so I've definitely not had the chance to experience some of the nuances being mentioned. Sounds like good stuff. Refresh my lazy mind... what does Pandemic do now?

  10. Pandemic allows you to refresh your DOT when less than 50% of the time is remaining.

    So if you have a 20 second DOT, you can refresh anytime in the final 10 seconds of that DOT.

    It basically makes it very easy to refresh your DOTs perfectly with no clipping or drop-off.

    There's also some clever stuff about refreshing DOTs when you have procs, but we'll leave that for the advanced raiders...

  11. Hmm, interesting. For some reason, I didn't think we were too worried about clipping before. It's been a while for me, so I can't say I rightly remember why.

    I wonder how this works with Agony...