Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Locksteps

One small step for Warlocks, one giant leap for Warlock kind? The ODB-Butt posted the other day about a baby warlock he rolled. The article is noteworthy not (only) for its interesting wordiness, but for the first-hand experience of leveling a Warlock since they've changed things on us. If you're a Warlock keeping up with anything Cynwise has written, you're probably aware of his deep-dive into the unpopularity of the Warlock class. One of the most-substantiated (and agreed-upon) reasons for a lack of 'locks was the unpleasantness of early leveling. It sounds to me that Blizz may have improved upon it. And not only improved, but perhaps... shattered the soul of the problem?

Awful, I know. Oh well. That's all I've got for you today.

(Also, since I used a bit of parody: RIP Mr. Armstrong.)


  1. By the by, Alex and I have our baby Warlocks up to level 25 now. Alex is a fan of blueberries, while I go with imps.

  2. Cool. Any significant lulls in the experience?

    One of the things that excited me the first time through with my 'lock was obtaining the different pets. They didn't have very deep quests, but I thought it was something unique.