Thursday, September 20, 2012

ZOMG Theramore

I have to say, I wasn't as disappointed with the Theramore scenarios as some others. Probably had to do with keeping my expectations low. There were things to do. It didn't take long, and that was nice. A good preview of scenarios, from what I hear. And when that bomb... Like, I can't believe they could even go so far as to. And Jaina, what a mage! She was totally and completely a mage. She needs to embrace her inner Warlock. I mean, I know, read the grimoire or whatever, but if she'd just summon a horde of demons, I'll be she could just slay the Warcheif.

Wait, what's that you say? I've not even played the scenario yet! I'm just stringing together meaningless phrases that represent a regurgitation of the deluge of recaps I've read? No way! It totally and completely feels like I've experienced it first hand. Like that time when I binge-watched Pearl Harbor and really thought I'd been a cook that had to step up and man an AA gun on a docked destroyer. Then, I thought... no way could we have had an entire fleet of combatants chilling in Hawaii and let a whole bunch of enemies get so close. That's totally unrealistic. (And you thought I was going to pick on the Ben Affleck character, didn't you? Affleck, Aff'lock. Get it? There.)

I wish blogging let me do Family Guy-esque cut-scenes. I look nothing like Cuba. It'd be hilarious.

Also, who doesn't have a crush on Kate Beckinsale?


Aaaaand lunch time.


  1. I'm getting a touch of sarcasm, not a lot, just a touch

  2. I mean, I really just feel like I've BEEN THERE, you know?


  3. Mmmmmkay.
    Just how many martinis does this lunch involve anyway?

    Gotta hand it to the Japanese, at least they didn't try to capture the harbor intact by sneaking in a pair of coast guard cutters.

  4. Ha. Not enough. :-)

    Like I warned... random posting on the horizon. Too much life stuff going on for me right now to be able to do things like proper research or even playing, but I still want to hang around. Love it here!

    So... you get the stupid stuff that occurs to me while bored at my job.

  5. I wouldn't say that I 'get it' but I do have this...

  6. Well, at least the scenario gave me a chance to test run my new Demo spec.

  7. I'd do terrible, illegal things to Kate Beckinsale. For realsies.

  8. @Cyg - I need to do that. I want to grow horns.

    @TG - I can never decide if I want British-accent KB or American-accent KB. Both? :-D

  9. British accent all the way. Oh the things ... the terrible things I'd do ...