Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rapid Cast Expansion

Fulguralis: Well, this is nice.
Spaz: candy?!
Felspaz: Did-someone-say-candy?
Spaz: Whoareyou?Whoareyou?Whoareyou?
*Two voices, unintelligible arguing.*
Spaz: Felspaz. That-is-your-name.
Felspaz: Call-me-imp.Call-me-fire.Call-me-maybe, I-do-not-care! I. WANT. CANDY.
Fulguralis: You're kidding, right?
*Big Crash*
Fulguralis: Aaaand there go the lights.
Midnight: Awwww, big strong man is afraid of the dark. You know, some of the yummiest happen in the dark.
Spaz: ca-Ca-CA-CANDY?
Felspaz: Candy-candy!
Candi: Who keeps yelling for me?
Midnight: Mmmmm, speak of the devil.
Candi: Horny, baby?
Fulguralis: No. Affliction. I'm not into Demonality... Hey! Hands to yourself!
Candi: All six of them?
Midnight: C'mon, Mr. Warlock, nothing wrong with a little...
Spaz: SUGAR!
Felspaz: Sugar-sugar!
Berry Blue: No, they mean looooove.
Spaz: PIE?
Berry Blue: Long, slow, easy...
Spaz: Licorice?
Felspaze: Black-licorice. It's-bigger.
Spaz: No-no, it-just-looks...
Lord of V: I got this one, Berry.
Berry Blue: How about a duet?
Lord of V: Ooooh, good idea my brotha.
Fulguralis: Honestly, where is that music coming from? We don't own a saxophone.
Candi: We're going to...
Midnight: ....sax you up...
Candi: you like an instrument...
Midnight: ...with whipped cream on my...
Felspaz: You-scream?
Spaz: No-you-idiot. Ice...
Felspaz: You-are-the-idiot. It'sa-joke. You-are-supposed-to...
Berry Blue: This is a song about looooove.
LoV: *High Pitch* Listen as we sing about looove.
Midnight: ... and then we'll take your...
Candi: ...with the reverse...
Berry Blue: ...when the night is young...
LoV: *High Pitch* Night is yoooooung.
Spaz: I-said-ice-cream-and-you-said...
Felspaz: I-know-what-I-said-you-little...
Spaz: You're-little-too! HAhAHAHAHa...
*Sparkie starts barking wildly in the background*
Fulguralis: Faaaantastic.
*Sounds of Imp arguing, smooth singing, and sexy purring form an incoherent deluge of noise.*
Fulguralis: Guys... does anyone else see that floating... what is that? Guys? GUYS! What is it doing?!
Fulguralis: Evil I, is that you?
Evil I: Yes.
Fulguralis: What...ah... what are you doing?
Evil I: Observing.
Spaz and Felspaz, simultaneously: Creepy.
Midnight: Creepy.
Candi: Creepy.
Berry Blue: Creepy.
LoV: Creepy.
Fulguralis: Yeah, creepy.
Evil I: It's what I do.
Spaz: First!
*Things devolve back into screeching, barking, singing, and moaning.*
Fulguralis: Supremecy, huh? Bah! Shoulda went with Sacrifice...


  1. Yeah, there were several people that had mentioned these, and it has been a while. With all the new pets... I just couldn't get the crowded house image out of my head. :-)

  2. OOO i have yet to work on pets for Tish. i went with the upgrade too, but i really miss the old gang. andie

  3. I prefer to imagine that they're all still hanging around, apparently. :-)