Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Aside

Life has gotten "Holy Crap" crazy and complicated for me lately. As such, my gaming focus may be somewhat blurred. Don't expect big things from this corner of the blogosphere, and you won't be disappointed. I still plan to write about random things (hopefully gaming related), but I guess I just wanted to say: Beware Incoming Erratic Posting Behavior. No ETA yet on when the skies might clear.

Today's post is brought to you by anyone who has ever said "Well, X number of people can't be wrong."

I saw that today, in relation to a game. I forget exactly where (see aforementioned crazy/complicated disclaimer). Might have been about GW2 or TSW or WTFBBQ. All equally likely.

Whatever the case, it went something like, "Well 60,000 people can't be wrong, so obviously this game must be great." Maybe I'm completely making up this sentence, since I'm not sure where the 60k number comes from. Maybe it was a commercial on the radio. What can I say, mentally disheveled blogger is... you know the rest.

In any case, it got me thinking. There's like 311,591,917 people in America (according to the US Census in July 2011, anyway). That means that what such a claim is really saying is that 0.01% of the population can't be wrong. And that's just for America (I may be mistakenly assuming that the 60k figure was referring to people in America. It doesn't really specify. Global would be much, much smaller).

I'm pretty sure 0.01% of people very much CAN be wrong. In fact, it's probably very likely that, given any decision ever, at least 0.01% of the decisions makers choose poorly. Even if it's something simple like, "Is murdering someone wrong?" I'm pretty sure I could round up 60k people in America that would totally agree with murder.

Just because a lot of people do something doesn't mean absolutely Jack or Squat about the inherent value of the product or event. Upon reflection, the whole "a bunch of people are doing it" marketing like maybe the stupidest since adding "50 Shades of..." in front of everything known to man.

Couldn't we just flip that on its head and say, well if only 60k are doing something then the other 311,531,917ish people are NOT doing that same thing. That's a lot of people not doing something. When you put it that way, it probably sucks, right?

It just doesn't make any sense.

I suppose I shouldn't search for some sort of deep truth in marketing statements, should I? It's pretty transparent what the point of the line is. It just struck me this morning is all, and I wanted to rant about it. Probably the ultimate lesson is this:

Don't ever do something solely because a whole bunch of other people are doing something.

Unless we're talking like running from a rampaging pack of bears riding jumping sharks and wielding sniper rifles. Then, yeah, probably a good idea to follow the crowd and get the F away. Especially if you see little red dots on everyone's foreheads. Just make sure you're not around a bunch of folks with bindis before jumping to an incorrect conclusion.

(Yeah, I didn't know that was what it was called, either.)

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  1. I love the feel of anti-lock brakes in the morning. It really wakes me up.

    Oh, and there were a bunch of people who knew the world was flat and were willing to burn you at the stake if didn't play along. There is always a danger in group think. Especially when it is wrong.