Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Real Observation

I was able to log in last night. Happy day. Of course, as expected, my UI was a mess. I also didn't really have a lot of time, so my goal wasn't to actually do anything. Instead, I was just logging in to spend some talent points, get a brief glimpse of the new game, and ogle spell effects.

I took a screenshot of what I did with my spec, then promptly forgot I did it. It's strange in that I find myself echoing the sentiment I've seen expressed elsewhere. Namely, the choices don't really matter... but they do. They do but they don't. It's hard to explain.

Since you only have 5 choices these days, I suppose a list will suffice. Shiny pictures are more interesting, to be sure, but I forgot mine at home. Also, the felhunter ate. He was pissed when I summoned a big eyeball in his place. Here's what I did, with some thoughts:
  • Harvest Life - Because AoE is cool. I may not use this in PvE, and end up switching. Not sure yet. Just couldn't resist the shiny.
  • Shadowfury - I've always wanted a stun on my aff'lock. I've gotten used to not having Howl of Terror, so I don't really feel like I'm giving anything up.
  • Soul Link - I want to share my misery with my pet, not take it all out on him. Some misery keeps me on my toes.
  • Burning Rush - Because it's fun and feels Warlocky.
  • Grimoire of Supremecy - This is the only that gives you the big floating eyeball pet, right? If I plan to use my demon, it made sense to buff it. It might be statistically wrong.
That's all. I'm not sure how much these choices matter yet, but it's what I'm starting with.

I glyphed, too. Just did it with what I had. There may be some new glyphs I need to get. I think I ended up like this:
  • Major: Soul Swap - I like swapping dots, so I kept this one.
  • Major: Life Tap - I was curious to see how this works. Haven't really tried it yet.
  • Major: Siphon Life - Gotta have the self heal component, or it's just not Warlocky.
  • Minor: Verdant Spheres - Green balls > Purple Shards. Plus I like vampires.
  • Minor: Soulwell - Green glowing? What's not to like (well maybe a useful effect, but w/e)
  • Minor: Eye of Kilrogg - Coolest change ever! More on this in a second.
Okay, I did most of this from memory (and can't check resources sites at work), so forgive me if I wrote something dumb. It's probably a mistake. Comment and I'll fix it when I get a chance. Also, at some point I'll make a proper guide (updating the old ones), but it'll probably be old hat by then. I always do the guides for myself (that is, I like having things to refer to, and typing it out helps me learn it). If you find your awesomeness elsewhere, I'm not offended. I realize slow blogger is slow.

I wanted to highlight the Eye of Kilrogg change today because it just may be the coolest change ever. In my super in depth skimming, I did not see this change pointed out very clearly. Maybe others have missed it like I did. It's also not all that useful for damage... but oh, the possibilities.

The change is the very last sentence of the tooltip. It lets you know that you can now use your Eye of Kilrogg to drop your demonic circle. I felt the urge to immediately test this. My character was standing next to one of the castle turrets in Stormwind. I summoned the eye (which can fly, thanks to the glyph), and sent it up on the level above. Then I dropped my circle, returned to my body, and ZAP... ported up to the turret.

There have got to be like a bajillion ways to take advantage of this new (admittedly minor) change. If nothing else, it's going to be fun to play around with. Now, I know, it has limitations, so you probably won't be able to actually do anything that "matters," but the concept of sending my eye into a bedroom in an inn, standing on the other side, and then porting through the felling wall... that appeals to me.

Sure, I could have just walked around. But it's the principle of the thing! I'm sure cleverer folks than I will come up with some completely awesome uses. We'll see. I just thought it was worth pointing out.

(Side note - I really would like to use this to sneak up on someone. "Oh, look, there's an eye--BAM Warlock. Oh noes!" /cackle. I probably need to macro so that I teleport away. /strokeschin.)


  1. If you can put your portal wherever the eye can go.. then you'll probably be able to get to Jadefang's cave (for the Tiny Shale Spider pet) in Deepholm a lot easier.

  2. A little over a half hour, and already one awesome suggestion!

    (Spiders are very warlockerly. It is known.)

  3. Supremacy is the one that gives the different pets. I guess the number crunchers say that affliction should be using sacrifice.

    Once you get a chance to work on your rotation let me know what you think. I unfortunately couldn't swing it and switched specs.

  4. Yeah, saw your post today :-).

    I pissed that I only get floaty balls. Both demo and destro look pretty cool.

    I will probably not use sacrifice until someone makes me. I can't imagine Blizzard went to the trouble to design a stable of new pets... to have it only be used by one sub-spec. That's lame.

    Also, if Mr. R is shit, then I am hosed. Or, at least, I will be sub-optimal.

  5. Well - I'm really struggling with the new Affli rotation. Just can't get it flowing right yet.

    Given this I think Supremecy > Sacrifice, despite what the Simulations say. An inmproved pet playing at 100% efficiency is better than a buffed me playing at 60% efficiency...

  6. Good point, though I suppose the maths could prove otherwise. Depends on the DPS at 100% vs you at 60%. For all we know, could be equal.

    I remember after a previous patch (forget which one) the affliction rotation got super clunky. If DPS numbers don't hold up across the average of players, they'll patch it.

    So, either it just takes practice, or it could be legitimately messed up. We can't really be sure until we've given it some time.

  7. It just takes practice. When I was on Beta I had it going. The biggest problem is overcoming your previous muscle memory.

    As for an alternative to Mr Robot, someone commented on my blog with an alternate that is apparently much better. Unfortunately it is down atm although the creator said he will be updating it on Friday. I am hoping it will be ready prior to my raid next week.

    Here is the link -

    Hopefully I don't get eaten by the spam filter.

  8. Nope, you passed the human test. So sayeth Google. :-)