Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MoP Night One

Completely unoriginal title, I know. Everyone else is likely recounting how they did The Dew all night and blitzed to levels uncounted. SO MANY LEVELS. Like a fighter jet made of biceps.

I derped around for about an hour. Went something like this...

First time logging into a new server? Oh yeah, all my local macros are gone. Exit, copy paste, reload. Ah, there they are. Hmm... things still look like crap.

Logout, check "out of date" box (WHY WON'T YOU JUST STAY CHECKED), reload.

Forgot this. Reload.

Forgot that. Reload.

Why is the bar not moving? Alt-F4. Alt-F4. Alt-F4 MOTHA.... screw it, Ctrl-Alt-Del. Task manager, Click-click-click.

Re-login. Hmm, let's uncheck this, and that. Nope, still not loading.

Task manager, Click-click-click.

Re-login. Don't need that or this. Uncheck, uncheck.

Ah, there we go. This doesn't look half bad. What am I again? Right, Warlock. Let's make these bars pretty. Ooh! A quest... Anduin?! Noooooo!

Crap, it's midnight. I gotta work tomorrow. *sigh* Exit game...

So yeah, my first night was a typical first night with a patch. More time spent getting things set up than actual playing. Maybe tonight I'll actually kill things.


  1. Early comments on Pandaland:
    Resto druid in mostly LFR gear.
    1st instance. Easysauce.
    2nd instance. I'll just stand back here an... shit, the doors just shut. Joke with the hunter about the tank and melee fighting in the next room. Other than that... easysauce.

    Boomkin (same druid) questing in mostly new dungeon blues. it dead, no. it... no cast...cast...cast...
    would cast... you cast... bleeping cast... die
    cast...cast... already!
    After two nights of this I switch to feral kitty, buy the green gear at the vendor, and resume questing. Kitty proceeds to tear things up. Either I'm doing something seriously wrong as a boomkin or they're broken. But I don't care. Kitty dps and questing was fun. So I'm back to needing two sets of gear. Oh well.

    Monk. A healer.
    Blizz, give yourself a big pat on the back for this one so far. Mistweaver is an insanely fun way to heal. If you love playing a rogue and want to heal then Mistweaver is for you. You heal by engaging in melee combat. You direct heal only as an emergency. Just insane fun. Even with the ret pally that decided he could tank. Retarded... yes. Healed it anyway. Absofreakinloutly.

    Caveat: I'm in a set of heirlooms and a lot of the groups I was in were too. That makes things easy. I'm curious how to see how it works out in a raiding environment.

  2. Cool. Thanks for the recap.

    I was out of town for the weekend, so didn't get to play much. Eventually, I'll have some reactions as well, promise. :-)