Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Realm Transfer

What did I do last night in preparation for MoP? Realm transfer. That's right. I got my butt off of Lothar and onto Alexstrasza. Stuff happened, and I decided to leave before things got awkward, and try my luck with a new guild. It helps that I have family in this other guy (and I'd been wanting to try to raid with them for a while now). We'll see how it goes.

Originally, I was planning to take today off and spend time with the game. Unfortunately, my life took an abrupt right turn in the last month. One of the contributing factors is that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's having surgery this Thursday, so that's where my day off went. Gotta have priorities, right?

This is the time of year when I'm busy coaching high school football, so even without the added complication of a serious family illness, my playing time is limited. Thus, I'm probably going to be way, way behind the rest of you when it comes to experiencing the expansion. I'm just going to pretend that everyone else is equally slow (some undoubtedly are), so if you are reading, feeling like, "that is so last month," be kind, rewind, and re-enjoy the moment with me.

Incidentally, October is breast cancer awareness month in the US. Consider me aware.

Here's your tidbit if you're a woman. They caught my mom's cancer as part of that whole "cold smush" (as we sometimes call it) routine procedure. It's "stage 0" which is as early as you can get. It's also very slow growing, so we're in great shape. The point here is DO NOT NEGLECT REGULAR HEALTH CHECK UPS. That's your service message of the day. Cuz, like, seriously... cancer sucks.

Happy Panda-ing. Sorry to be Buzz Killington today with the srs bzns, but it explains why I'm sort of out to lunch when it comes to keeping up with an informative and entertaining blog. Also, I thought it would be helpful to know that the realm transfer went smoothly, so if you're on my new realm, feel free to say "hi."


  1. Sorry to hear about your mom, glad to hear it was caught so early though!

    Glad to hear you found a new home to play! I know you play stinky Alliance but if you ever wanted to play Horde you're welcome to come join us in SR. :D

    The more warlocks the merrier!

    1. Bah join us on Thrall..it's where the cool horde is at.LOL!

      I'm sorry about your mom, but happy they caught it early as well.

  2. Thanks guys. No Horde for me though (pronounced HODOR for comedic effect). I'll offer a concise "Hodor, hodor, hodor," by way of explanation.

    I've been wanting to play with my cousin forever, and they have a solid raid team that's been together for a while. All good things for what I'm looking for. If it doesn't work out though, I've always wanted to join one of those "blogger guilds." :-)

  3. Aww...I'll miss seeing your toons on Lothar. :(

  4. In theory, it's just my raiding toon that ran away, though I'm not sure how much I'll be on the others... :-/