Friday, March 2, 2012

Then and Now

I'm going to do a meme today. Something quick that I can squeeze in before lunch. I saw the whole Then and Now thing over that The Pot. After I dodged the whole sixth meme (I was very, very quiet... hiding in the corner and all, apparently. Seriously, didn't get on the whole "web of bloggers" thingy, which I thought was very warlockerly of me, being shadowy and what-have-you.), I figured I'd step up to the plate and do one. I'll do one.

Here's the oldest screenie I could find (circa 2009, though I started playing in '07... the rest must have been lost in one upgrade or another):

And here's the most recent (circa last October, as you might be able to tell):

You may, of course, notice that I apparently got a face cut. Took a little skin off the top there...

Also, I'm really glad Gnomer is back. Even if he is still spouting magery.


  1. My pally

    My priest

    My DK

  2. The priest looks scary, the pally put on some more clothes (most notably in the shoulder region), and the DK looks pretty much the same :-).

  3. I was looking around for a transmog set for my priest and then the tier 13 set came out and I was like, "That solves that. That is creepy good looking." It reminds me of "V for Vendetta". I'll be keeping this set to transmog into.

    The 'then' pic of the pally is probably right after newbiedom. Back in the day you didn't get shoulders at level five and there were no heirlooms and we walked to 40, in the snow, uphill, both ways. He's 85 now but transmogged into the Stormforged set with Doombringer.

    Heh! The DK is also 85 and transmogged back into his starting blues.