Monday, March 19, 2012

MoP NDA Lifted

The flood gates have opened and Pandas are pouring forth in a furry tide of information. I've not had a chance to review much yet, but wanted to link over to a well-organized post at ZAM. They have links to most of the highlights. There is a lot that sounds really cool. But, then again, Cataclysm sounded really cool, too (and was at the start, to be fair... it just petered out for me). I remain, still, cautiously optimistic... though I'd really love to see Aff'locks given some love for once. Demo and Destro have gotten all the new shit (so far, from what I've read), while we're stuck in the mud. I know we're badass and in a cool place, but is it too much to ask for some breadcrumbs? Maybe I've just missed them. If so, show me the way!

Everyone seems to be doing "things to get excited about posts," so I won't bore you with more of the same. To me, the biggest "thing to get excited about" is the fact that this patch seems like serious business. There's a lot going on. It doesn't look like they're phoning this one in.

Now, if we could only get green fire... right Poneria?


  1. I'm glad *someone* saw that comment I made! :D <3

  2. *lock power* /raises shadowy fist.

  3. Pokemon AND Farmville!!!!

    Okay, I wanna play a monk more than ever. 'nuff said

    We get to kick Garrosh's ass! I'm there. I usually play alliance and I kinda feel sorry for the horde to have such a *$#)#%^#$@% for a warchief.

    Only 5 scenarios? That's gonna get old quick.

    Pandaria 'looks' awesome. Cosmetically it looks like it will be nice.

    Challenge mode for transmog gear. Awwwwwww yyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!! Funny guild moment. Some of the guys were in vent discussing where they could go to get transmog gear and one of our female players chimes in with, "I swear you guys like to play dress-up more than us gals."

  4. lol that is pretty funny.

    It looks like they're really addressing one my major complaints from Cata: not enough content for the casual player (too much focus on raiding/gearing... especially toward the end).