Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Information Overload -or- My Top Three

I mentioned that the MoP NDA was lifted yesterday, and floods of information resulted. On the SWTOR front, they're getting ready to release a giant 1.2 content patch. Thus, the wires I watch are blazing with the fires of fresh knowledge right now. My poor brain is a bit overwhelmed, and I'm probably missing a great deal.

Here's what I think I'm looking forward to in Mists:
  • Scenarios - Right up my alley.
  • WoW Farmville - Yes, I'm looking forward to this. I don't know why. I didn't play a lot of Farmville. I think I saw someone, somewhere call this "backdoor player housing." That's probably why I'm excited.
  • Horde Destruction - We get to kill Garrosh and maybe be the heroes that we're supposed to be. And people are whining already about the Alliance "winning." All I can say is: It's about felling time we won something.
Why those three thing stuck out to me, I have no idea. That's just what's getting through right now.

And for TOR 1.2, here's what I'm liking:
  • Artificing improvements - namely more color crystal choices and PvP specific crafting (I believe the term "closed loop" was used).
  • A diversification of PvP gear - That is, we should be able to remove mods and put them into different orange items (so we're not stuck with the PvP-specific purples like everyone else).
  • Legacy! - It's about time those levels mean something.
That's the top three I'm seeing there. Also, the free weekend was apparently a hit, so cheers to that. I'm glad that there may be more. I have a few friends I'd like to force (get it!) into playing.

I guess you could say these are my top three things for each game. At the very least, they're what I'm focused on today. Tomorrow that may change. What are your top three today? Pick either game, or both!



    1) Legacy stuff. Now everyone can fear my Chiss vengeance. I plan on making as many Chiss as I can on my server.
    2) Chest Hue Matching. Now my dude will look even more awesome. I didn't think this was possible.
    3) High-res textures. Now my character will look less blurry and more sharp. The blur did make him look like a ninja though.

  2. Scenarios, yes! Only 5 of them? What the hell?

    Farmville? Meh. I'll do it to get stuff but it is not a high priority for me.

    Taking out Garrosh. I'm soooooo there. While I understand the QQ behind their war chief getting taken out they'd be better off with Thrall back in charge. Or just about anyone else for that matter. Well maybe not Sylvanas. She's a bit genocidal.

    I'm most looking forward to rolling a healing monk. We get the 11th character slot so I don't have to delete anyone to do it. That said, I'll probably ship my warrior off to the horde and bring back my other druid. I'll have two druids. One bear/kitty and one resto/boomkin.

    It also seems the beta is coming sooner rather than later. I guess I'd better light a fire under my shammy and boomkin projects. I'd like them both to be 85 and only 1 of them is close but that toon is on a backwater server and has no real support (like a guild).

    I'm starting to get really excited about Mists.

  3. Look for Varok Saurfang to lead the Horde from here on out and return it to the 'noble savage' roots from vanilla and TBC, even a bit of WotLK.