Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#SWTOR - The Man In The Mirror

I have a quick question for you TOR players out there: Are our mirrors more powerful? AT least with certain spells? The classes are supposed to be mirrors, but do the abilities scale exactly the same?

Here's the background. My wife and I have recently rolled toons on the Imperial side to play with a friend. Both of us ended up rolling classes we'd already played on the Rep side. I suppose we wanted something familiar amidst the unfamiliar, or maybe a chance to check out the other Advanced Class. Whatever the case, the early levels have pretty much the same progression, ability-wise. One would expect as much from a supposed mirror.

Yet, I can't help but feel like the man in the mirror is a bit better looking, a bit stronger, more muscular. His powers are just a bit more, um, electric. Perhaps it's simply the animations. Lighting beats rock any way you throw it, at least in terms of badassery. I don't think you'll find much argument if you were to claim that the Republic got the short end of the stick from the Cool Animations department at Bioware. I'm not sure how much it could be helped though, as you would expect the Dark Side to be flashier, more powerful looking. But for the sake of game balance, it should be purely cosmetic, right?

It doesn't feel cosmetic. It feels more powerful. In my case, comparing an Inquisitor to a Consular, I focus on a very specific ability. Force Lightning vs Telekinetic Throw. When I'm PvP'ing, I get Force Lightning'ed all the time. Seems like those pesky Sorcerers are constantly playing Palpatine on me. And my Telekinetic Throw is no Yoda or Mace Windu. Is it just me?

Perhaps, as a Balance Shadow, I'm just not specced into the right AC. Maybe as a Sage it would feel more powerful. That probably has something to do with. As I work through the early levels of an Inquisitor, though, I feel a lot more powerful shocking things than I ever did throwing rocks.

Well, that's not true. Project feels more powerful than Shock, though the damage/stun from Shock is instant. You have to wait for the animation with Project.

It's probably all just perception. If I were to spec Sage, I'd likely find Telekinetic Throw just as powerful. Still, I can't help but wonder if some abilities are better for my mirror than they are for me. It certainly add another layer of intrigue, wouldn't it?


  1. Sith are just more awesome.

    Seriously, though, you're close. If you look at your skills, Assassins and Shadows get a passive buff to Shock/Project. As a Darkness Assassin, Shock is my biggest spell. So, it stands to reason Sorcerors and Sages get better performance from Force Lightning and Force Pebbles.

    Although I stand by my initial statement. Sith ARE better.

  2. Your overconfidence is your weakness.

  3. Uhm it's actually the way damage is calculated. For Republic side, what happens is that damage is calculated after the animation is finished. For example project versus shock. Project's damage is done after the thingjamig hits the target, whereas shock damage is done instanteously. Both have the same cd and are considered analogs of each other.

    With regards to Telekinetic throw versus Force Lighning, they could be using a mixed tree. There is a build on Sithwarrior.com that takes the lightning effusion talent in the lightning tree, together with all the talents that buff Force lighting in the balance tree. What this does is make force lightning hit like a truck on 5th gear.

  4. Oh, I'm sure that's it... I just felt that in the 0-10 level for both base classes, that lightning seems to hit harder. You know, before speccing and stuff like that makes things more complicated.