Monday, March 12, 2012

#SWTOR - Stung

My brain is still trying to catch up with Daylight Savings Time. Springing ahead is always the worst of the two temporal tweaks for me. Thus, today you get a picture post. Yay, shiny.

I'd been on a vehicle hunt for a while in TOR. I've been PvP'ing my little heart out, and the nice thing about completing the stable of PvP quests is that you slowly accumulate credits. I've amassed a decent amount (~1.5 million) and wanted a new speeder. Something different than the Aratech Scythe that everyone has (because it's easy to snag on the Fleet). Torhead is pretty useful, so I simply began browsing the vehicle section, looking for a 110% mount that I like. I'm not big on the huge hovercraft, and wanted more of an old school speeder look. And by "old school," I mean futuristic look, since Return of the Jedi takes place in the galactic future.

The Lhosan speeders fit the bill pretty nicely. So I focused on what they had to offer, settling on the Stinger almost immediately. It's aptly named, as you'll see, and at under 100k creds... a complete steal. Here's a pic with me on the planet of purchase, Voss:

A rather pretty picture, if I do say so myself.


  1. Screenshots like this make me sad for what WoW could look like. WoW has its moments but its graphics engine is showing its age.

    Lucky for me I was dead tired on Saturday. I hopped into bed at 9pm, moved the clock forward to 10pm, and was just fine with it. This whole DST thing is archaic and should go.

  2. Yeah,old things suck... both graphics engines and DST. :-)

  3. OTOH, the then and now pic for my priest needs to be updated already. We got our first Madness of Deathwing kill on 10man normal last night and I got the healing mace. So all in all the QQ factor is pretty close to zero for me today.