Thursday, September 8, 2011

My New Hawtness: 2v2 Arenas

It took me, what, three years? Four? How long have I been playing this game anyway?  Somewhere between those two I think.  I was a TBC kid.  In all that time, I'd never given arenas a try.  Not even once.  Neither had Fuu.

A week ago, that all changed.  We both got our "step into the arena" achievements... and then promptly became addicted.  Our team, named simply Hodor, hovers around .500.  We've not played two dozen matches yet, but are closing fast.  We've capped out our conquest points in two days each week.

We'd been doing BG's a whole lot, and our guild is forming up a rated team.  Thus, we wanted to work on our gear.  Honor is all well and good, but conquest is where it's at, and normal BG's really aren't a good source of CP.

Arenas, however.  Holy fel.  I feel like it's stealing getting that CP.  It falls like a deluge of Mage tears.  It's awesome.

We're doing a 2v2 (of course).  DK (me) with a Healy Priest (Fuu).  I have no idea if the combination is any good.  In the 2's bracket, I understand it's a whole lot of "rock, paper, scissors" going on.  Some rocks fare better than others.

We've fared pretty well so far, going on some streaks both ways.  We win as much as we lose.  Also, we're not usually getting blown out.  They're close, hard fought matches, so the match-making process appears sound, at least in our limited sampling.

And have I mentioned the CP?  After running simply normal BGs forever, it seems to drop super fast.  We'll definitely be in good shape for tonight's guild debut into rated BGs.

The upside of 2v2 for us is that we're in the same room.  Communication is easy.  Scheduling is easy.  You can hop in, spend an hour, and be nearly capped even if you simply split your matches.

The downside is that the rating doesn't work toward the gear upgrades.  2v2 is sort of the "unsupported" slice of arenas.  Also, there's a certain amount of, ahem, marital stress you may have to be willing to endure.  Having raided together forever, it's really not different, but say the wrong thing at the wrong time and you may be sleeping on the couch.  Consider yourself fairly warned.

On the other side, I think teamwork is a great skill to build for couples.  Too often that benefit of gaming together is overlooked.  The couple that plays together, stays together, says I.

Even if you're not a PvP maven, consider the 2v2 bracket.  We did some dabbling in 3v3... a lot more brutal.  A lot more losing.  2v2 seems to be more forgiving.  It's a great place to whet your appetite and get a bit of CP.  If you go into it expecting to lose as much as you win... it's a great time.


  1. You are brave trying it as a couple!

    I tried with my GF for a while, and it was a little too stressful. Too much "post-match" debriefing: and as a noob PvPer it is really obvious when you screw-up. Raiding is a more collective effort towards a common goal, mistakes are more hidden, and you don't get the "why didn't you heal me?" / "save me from the DPS?" / "use obvious with hindsight ability?" (delete as applicable)

    Good luck and I hope you have better forgiveness and understanding than we did :-)

  2. I love doing 2s, its really kind of saved me from quitting, like you my guild is working on getting an RBG team together. I recommend doing 2s with a healer, it makes it so much easier

  3. :) I think the instant communication is the key with a good arena team. As long as you can avoid the accusations, having your team-mate (spouse) able to say "get this guy.. " or letting you know of incoming heals is superb. Sometimes just hitting the push-to-talk button is a life or death decision.

    As long as you can admit your own faults, you will have a long and successful team (in and out of the game).


  4. @Anon1 - I like to say that we've been through more stressful times. PvP can be rough, but it's not as bad as some of the other stuff we've faced.

    @Anon2 - Fuu plays the healer. It is good stuff.

    @Elk - Definitely a plus. Also, sharing a bottle of wine is a key factor to success, IMHO, as well. :-)

  5. :D
    As long as the bottle doesn't become the weapon used to crown you for your mishap.