Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hump Day Quickie

Today, I'll play the part of an aggregate service. Also, I'll be even lazier and link an aggregate service. Riveting, I know. However, there are two things I wanted to pass along to you, dear readers.

First and foremost, FL got pwned. Seriously. That's a huge... nerf bat. Want to know more, the Melting Pot already has a good collection of nerf posts. The first one in particular lists off what you need to know by boss. Break down and reactions at 11.

Second, K-bear over at Dots and Hots put together a nice little tips and tricks guide for Warlocks in Firelands. Since I've yet to see most of these fights (and suspect I'll be seeing them a bit sooner than previously anticipated), I've perused the article. Good stuff if you like melting faces... casually.

That is all.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled Wednesday, already in progress.

(Apart from the title, I resisted the urge to be dirty...aren't you proud?)


  1. The nerf was indeed pretty hefty. Normally it takes my guild 6 hrs over 2 days to get through 6 bosses, last night we fooled around with Rag for an hour and a half then decided to actually get some kills so we reset and started to do the earlier bosses. We were surprise to clear back to Rag in the remaining hour and a half. I hope this nerf will allow more guilds to see the later fights.

  2. Thanks for the link love! :D

    Yeah the nerfs were pretty big. We were down 2 of our DPS due to a "Fayle" by two people (resulting in MY death! what gives right?) during Beth. We brezzed the healer and left me and the other dps dead. They were still able to kill her with 3 dps (they were down about 40k dps with the 2 of us dead). There were a few people who were close to death when she toppled over but the healers were at over 50% mana or better.

    And that was just a 15% nerf. We cleared the whole place up to Rag in under 90 mins. That was with 2 breaks!

    Also! I am very disappointed you didn't take the naughty bit and run with it!

  3. Ah... reports from the field. I love it. Sort of. Thanks for the feedback!

    And k-bear, there's plenty of time for naughty bits in the future :-).

  4. I admit, I'm looking forward to the nerf for one reason specifically -- my guild doesn't usually start raiding until 10pm EST. The quicker we can hopefully get to Raggy (We hit 6/7 prior to nerfing at least), the saner it might be for my sleep schedule. ;)

  5. I've been reading comments all over the web about the nerf. It seems that before the nerf it would take people 6-12 hours to kill 6 or 7 bosses in FL. After the nerf it is down to 1-3 hours.

    So another way to look at it is that the nerf freed up your life by 5-10 hours a week. Yet this seems to get people really mad. SOme even said that in the past they raided FIFTY hours a week.

    Are people so devoid of a life or so loney that giving them more time to do other things really upsets them? Can this be true?

  6. @ Z/G and C - Yeah, I'm not going to complain too much about the increased speed of things. I can understand where it may be a shot to the ego of people that wanted to have done it to be able to say they'd done it before the nerf... like I get that. I don't really share it, though. For us, the first goal is simply to experience the content... even if it's easy. If we ever get to the point where my 2hr/wk guild is clearing everything at the same time Paragon is... then I'll complain :-).

  7. Having cleared all of Firelands last night, I can also echo the nerfs made a big difference. I was in bed before 1am for a change. We wiped more on trash than anything and Rags himself we finally got after about 5 tries.

    To put that in perspective, Monday earlier we spent the entire night on Rags, only got him to a best of 26% and I wasn't in bed until 4 in the morning.


  8. This has been Cygnia, reporting live. (Or still alive).