Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Another Word for Casual

Here's something fun for a Monday. Typhoon Andrew wrote last week about a deeper breakdown of the common "casual" and "hardcore" gamer tags.  It's a nice little article, but I'm particularly a sucker for personality tests.  They speak to the closet psychology nerd in me.  Hence, I have to point you over there.

I, of course, am an AELOHF. 

Amateur, for sure.  Though I wish I got paid for being casual.  I would have to say I'm Experienced now in WoW, though there are plenty of things I don't know... and it's always changing.  My time is extremely Limited.  Fortunately, I have 10-12 other L's in a guild with me, which is the only thing that allows me to raid.  I'm an Optimal player.  Sometimes this annoys the hell out of my guildmates, I know, but I crave optimization in my gameplay.  I tend to get pretty antsy when people are "dicking around" (as I say) or "having fun" (as they say).  Generally, I try to reign myself in (since it's obviously a personal thing) or sit out for "fun runs."

Though I'm a blogger, I would classify myself as Hidden.  This is because I generally don't talk to people when I'm not doing group content.  It sort of goes with that optimization stuff.  If I'm online, I'm usually trying to complete something.  I generally don't get on to shoot the shit.  Still, I could wane Social here because who I'm playing with is extremely important to me.  I try to surround myself with people that I can play well with, and don't PuG a lot.  I recognize that I have pretty specific opinions about my play time, so I try to keep a close group of people that feel mostly the same. 

Finally, I'm Focused.  I have one PvE toon, and one PvP toon.  I would have had them both be the same, but I have an in-your-face mentality with PvP that doesn't translate well to playing as a Warlock.  Also, it does provide a nice change of pace.  Still, after, what, four years of playing, I only have two max level characters, and have really rolled only three others.

Anyway, it was a neat article and had me thinking about my proclivities.  Thus, I thought it was worth sharing.  I'll get back to beating the dead horse of the FL-nerf topic tomorrow, as tonight will be our first chance to experience it.  I expect a one-shot on Rag.  :-D.


  1. hehe, Ful, I don't think you're too hidden, but that's just the blogger in me. Let's see, I classify myself as a AELRSW.

    AEL for the same reasons.

    Relaxed - I love to bring the mini-zep, happy rock, etc. throw them around with the off-tank while we wait for raid re-boots. Naked Hellfire anyone?? In addition, I am not about to spend 40 hours grinding archaeology so I can get that mount/gear, etc to be best in the raid. I am 140 valor from a new wand, and well, I've been there for about two weeks now. (raiding is helping, but not as fast as a dungeon).

    Social, I do blog, I do post to the guild forums, I try to help out where ever possible.

    Wide range of focus definitely. Sure, I have only 2 level 85 toons, warloc and disc priest, but then I run (ocassional)dungeons, raid, pvp, and actively play the auction house on both those toons. Lately it's been older, solo content just so that I can look for gear for transmogrification. That tier-6 lock helm is calling me again, Elk, come get me.. I am right here in COT:Hyjal..

  2. I consider myself an introvert. Not in the typical "shy" way, though. Just that I don't really chit-chat or go out of my way to be social. I love to help (and hence the blog), but that's generally because I have a specific topic in mind. I'll talk your ear off if you get me going, but I'm actually pretty quiet online.

  3. Yep, definitely. Gives me something besides raid nerfs to talk about ;-)