Friday, September 9, 2011

RL IC Friday

I'm not feeling the fiction today, sorry. Sometimes the battery needs recharged. And, also, this sort of thing is happening at work today...

Cast of Characters
M - A Young, Friendly, Competent Engineer (aka Grunt)
A - Senior Engineer with several Master's Degrees (aka Oldtimer)

Act I, Scene I
(The curtain rises on a stereotypical office workspace.  Cubicles abound.  The lighting is dingy and utilitarian.  A dashing young man sits before an open laptop computer, typing methodically.)

(The phone on the desk rings, and our young hero picks it up.  As the connection is made, a light blooms onstage to the right, revealing a middle-aged woman on the other end.)

M - Hello?
A - Hello, M.  Care if I call you?
M (fidgets) - I guess not.
A - Great.  I need you to do things and stuff.
M - What sorts of things do you need me to do?
A - And stuff.  Things as well.
M - Right, that's not very specific.
A (blank stare) - ...
M (guessing) - Do you need me to do x and y?
A - Yes, I would like you to do 6 and 7.
M - You mean x and y?
A - That's what I said.
M (shrugs) - I'll have it done within the hour.
A - And 7, too.
M - I'm not supposed to do numbers.  Only letters.  You're supposed to cover the numbers.
A - Z then, but without the bottom thingy.
M - That's still a 7.
A - Okay, glad we're agreed.  Start in ten minutes when I have to go to this important meeting.
M - All right, um, will do.
(M and A both hang up the phones)

Act I, Scene II
(It is ten minutes later.  Same scenery, both areas lit.)

(A types something into a computer, and a window pops up on M's screen.  In order to provide narration for us, they both read their respective conversational input to the instant messaging system aloud.  Also, because I just realized that IM'ing wouldn't work on stage very well.)

A - Start in ten minutes when I have to go to this important meeting.
M - It has already been ten minutes... I've already started.
A (stares blankly) - ...
M - You still want me to do x and y, right?
A - And 5.
M - What?
A - 7
M - What about 5?
A - 5 and Z.
M - But about numbers...  the process sa-
A - I'm sorry, a less curvy S and Z without the bottom thingy.  Add a curly backward E while you're at it.  Maybe a B with a humped back.  And O, definitely O.  It is both a number and a letter.  I've already done X and Y, and boy were those a stretch.  You're lucky you have me.
(M slams his head into his desk)

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