Tuesday, September 20, 2011

In Other News...

We got Shannox down last night, again... finally.  We'd been trying to implement most of the suggestions that you guys gave me last week.  In the end, I think the most helpful was simply to go with a three healer approach.  It made DPS a small bit slower, but not as much as you'd think.  The extra heals gave us some breathing room so we could recover from small fails.  Heck, we almost downed him once when we stepped in five (5) crystal traps (3 healers, a tank, and a DPS... two at the same time finally wiped us).

We came back after the self-trapping wipe, re-focused, and started getting consistently to the last phase.  We made some pretty good transitions - really close to 30% when Riplimb went down - but it still gets a little dicey.  I think we had two <5% wipes before we got him down.  I have no idea how we one-shot him the first time we saw him.  I think we've learned our lessons though and can deal with all the mechanics pretty well.

So, what we have learned so far in Firelands is that Beth'tilac is a definite two-healer fight, and Shannox seems designed for three.  Blizzard has done this to ten mans in the past, and I guess I was hoping the design would change in Cataclysm, what with the focus on separate but equal raiding.

Pre-Cat, you pretty much always had to have the "swing guy" to be successful.  Someone that can go between DPS and Healing prior to the fights to give your raid the flexibility needed to succeed.  Sure, when you get geared, eventually you can cease the swinging, but until then, it's almost a necessity to progress.

Swing-guy is still in effect.  We've shuffled around a lot this expansion, but I think we've got all the roles figured out, swing-guy included.  Our poor RL went from a tank, to a DPS, now to swinger.  He healed in ICC.  Go figure.  It's rough to ask someone to learn two different roles over the course of a fight, but I guess, with the limited numbers in 10's, it's a must. 


  1. Grats on getting him down again! I think once your team members stop getting caught in traps you'll be able to go back to a 2 healing strat.

    Which boss are you heading to next?

  2. Yeah. With the nerf (goes live today, right?), we'll probably be fine to two-heal now. Otherwise, I would have said we'll wait for some more gear. There's not a huge downside to three-healing the fight, and it gives a nice bit of extra wiggle room if you do make mistakes.

    We're going to down Beth next. We've made attempts on her, so we're comfortable with the strat, but DPS was always a problem. We wanted to try and get some more gear before heading back there. It's just tough for us to stay ahead of the adds. The nerf should help, and we've gotten some gear since we put her on the shelf in order to focus on Shannox.

  3. What is your raiding rosting like? I'm curious as to which dps gets sent up top.

  4. Generally me.

    Pally tank stays down. DK tank goes up. Pally heals go up. Priest heals stays down. Boom and Mage on Spinners. S-priest and Hunter on 'lings. En-Shammy on Drone. Lock up. I finish off the drone when I come back down.

  5. Ok. I can't remember if I gave you the info on what I do (I get sent up top) or not so you get to have it again! :D

    In the first web phase I pop my Demon Soul. In the second web phase I pop a potion. In the third Demon Soul is off cooldown again and I pop it one more time. This puts it off cooldown again for the under 25% drain soul phase.

    Are you using Bane of Doom?

  6. Yep. On this fight. On Shannox I use CoA because I'm Soul Swapping to things whenever it's off CD.

  7. I decided to write up a guide with tips for Firelands.

    Yes I am a strange, sad person

  8. I've embraced the swing role these days between Holy & Ret. So far, I've done DPS on Shannox, Alys (DAMN YOU TORNADOES!) and Baleroc (though no Shard tanking yet on him). But I've also done healing on the Baleroc fight as well.

    I've also learned I prefer healing on the Rhyolith fight as I keep getting stepped on. :p

  9. "Pally tank stays down. DK tank goes up. Pally heals go up. Priest heals stays down. Boom and Mage on Spinners. S-priest and Hunter on 'lings. En-Shammy on Drone. Lock up. I finish off the drone when I come back down."

    Now take this comment and apply it to the previous post about melee getting a buff. Notice anything?

  10. Grats on getting Shannox down again :)

    We're almost the exact opposite when it comes to healing though. We 3 heal everything except Alysrazor. I'm sure several fights could be done with 2 (and we have when we had one healer missing one night), but 3 just seems to be less stress for the healers.

    It's all about what works for your guild and your setup though I imagine. What works for you may not work for us and vice versa.

  11. @ZG - No, sorry. I don't really see what you're driving at. Are you saying it's bad because we only have one melee? Also, he gets the easy job of simply going to town on the drone. We had sent him up before (which is probably the easiest job for the DPS), but at least he can help kill 'lings down low if they get close. My 'lock is pretty useless on adds of any kind (that die quicker than 20 seconds).

    I wish we had a second DK as DPS for pulling down and killing spinners. Melee generally do well on quick dying adds as they have more burst capability in general.

    If it is simply that we don't have a lot of melee... that's true, but we've been that way since our guild formed last x-pac. It's not really a new thing. We actually used to get upset we didn't have more melee in some of the ICC fights.

    At the end of the day, my actual rational argument isn't so much that the design isn't flaw... rather it's that a flat buff is a poor way to fix anything. I did rant a little, but part of the rant tag is that I wasn't really trying to make a good case, just rant...

    @Others - Link me the guide, good luck on the heals, and definitely depends on the guild. :-)