Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ima Roll A Jaina

We only got to play for about 45 minutes last night, but were able to knock out a pretty neat chain of quests in Hyjal. I won't spoil anything other than to say that we completed the Thrall-Aggra chain.

Did anyone else tear up a bit at the end?

Not that I did, mind you.  I'm a Warlock.  Warlocks don't cry.

Those shiny beads were actually souls.

Yeah, souls.  I was filled to the brim with souls.  I may have tested the new animation a bit too much.  The buggers were coming out of my eyes.

I think I'd love the new animation if it were a little less... pink.  Maybe that's just me though.  Does it look pink to anyone else?  Even so, I'll count it an improvement.

So, just to recap: I was not crying pink tears.  Those were souls.  Harvested souls. 

In similar news, loved this.  Different tears.


  1. I LOVE the new Soul Harvest animation. I used it every chance I got. My guildies were definately jealous.

    I didn't think it was too pink though.

  2. HOT pink. Or maybe hot purple. IDK. Could be just because my eyes were malfunctioning and I reserve the right to change my mind tonight.