Friday, June 10, 2011

Ever The Diplomatist

"I believe I need some air," Decedereful announces before standing up.  Valentis makes to join her, but with a simple shake of her head, she gets him to sit back down.  "Please, do not stop on my behalf."

Far more than six eyes watch the beautiful woman weave her way toward the door.  As she exits, a door opposite the entrance swings open.  Harrison Jones returns from the back.  His studies the room and then heads for the bar.

"Vhould it surprise you to learn zhat zhe Rogue vas a murderer?" Major Strasser asks after a moment.  "Zhat he killed a pair of my men for zhere papers?"

"Strikes me as a popular pass-time these days," Valentis returns.

The Goblin scowls.  "A deadly pass-time."

"And what if you track down these men and kill them?" Valentis asks.  "What if you kill all of us?  From every corner of the Alliance, hundreds, thousands would rise up to take our places.  Even Schnottzies can't kill that fast."

"Are you admitting to zhe crime?" Strasser responds, his eyes burning into the Gilnean's.

Valentis snarls.  "The only crime is what your leader is doing."

Captain Renault's eyes widen to the size of saucers.  He fears that the two are about to leap across the table at each other.  The thought is very unpleasant.  There would be paperwork, and questions asked.  Besides, there is no actual evidence that the Gilnean has made arrangements with the Rogue.  It would be far better to catch him in the act, scooping up the broker as well.  Renault needs to defuse the situation, but how?  Either way he could offend someone and shatter his carefully constructed position of neutrality.

"I don't like distrubances in my place."  The voice, of course, is Harrison's.

He has sidled up unnoticed, with a fresh set of drinks in his hands.  Casually, he slips into the seat that had recently been vacated by Decedereful.  He slides the drinks across the table even as the two would-be combatants ease back into their chairs.

"Either lay off the politics, or get out," Harrison says.  "I run a peaceful establishment."

The Goblin frowns at the club's owner, but says nothing.  Valentis inclines his head respectfully.  A pent-up breath whistles through Renault's lips.  Bless the man and his uncanny timing.

"Are you one of zhose people vho cannot imagine zhe great Commander Schnottz in zheir beloved Uldum?"  Strasser asks.

"It's not particularly my beloved Uldum," Harrison replies.

"Can you imagine us in Stormwind?" the Goblin presses.

"When you get there, ask me."

Renault jumps in.  "Hmm!  Diplomatist!"

"Vhat about Goldshire?"  Strasser asks with an evil smile.

Harrison holds up a finger.  "Well, there are certain sections of Goldshire, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try and invade."

The Goblin leans back with a puzzled look while Renault and Harrison share a laugh.


  1. "renault needs to diffuse the situation" I believe the word you were looking for is defuse..


  2. Ah. Good catch. Though, in all fairness, diffuse has a definition of (acc. to Meriam-Webster): "To make less brilliant; soften."
    Which sort of works, but yeah, defuse is better and is the proper word for the colloquialism.