Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm So Angry

I don't have a whole lot of rational thought right now. I'm just angry. Call it a bad case of the Mondays. Why? I waltzed into work after a particularly rough weekend... only to find out that the Internet Gestapo has struck again, this time blocking a personal favorite: Goodreads.

I am so horribly and utterly against internet filtering that I can't even form a coherent and reasonable line of thought when discussing it.  It's like burning books.  It just makes me so... asafldskjsdf.

I mean, I get it.  Corps drink the Kool-aid.  They think that we're all wasting time on the scary interwebz that they provide when we should be working.  They stand around the water cooler discussing it, then go out for a smoke break and discuss it some more, then shake hands over a table of discussion in a meeting room, then... oh wait, it's time to go home, enough work for one day.  Meanwhile, in the cubicles... I was at my desk, doing desk-based activity the whole time.  NO. WAI.

Sure, they need to block the pr0n.  And that's all the internet is for.  No one has ever used it for work-related purposes.

I'm getting caught up again.  I shouldn't be this mad about workplace censorship.  After all, that dude that walks around stopping at desks and engaging helpless co-workers in meaningless conversations about his divorce has been sto... [20 mins later] ... Sorry, got interrupted by That Guy.

My argument comes back to this: If you are a salaried employee, you should be judged on performance.  That is all.  If you deliver ahead of your deadlines on everything and THEN you'd like to pop in on Twitter and tell the world that you're going to be late for dinner... WHY THE F NOT?  If someone's performance is bad... then deal with that aspect.  Blanket solutions like a workplace-wide filter simply DO NOT WORK.

In lieu of something actually worthwhile to read, since you've made it this far through the rant.  I shall point you to BBB's article involving internet dragons and PvP.   Mostly because I want to use the following out of context with regards to the usage of Dragon as a solution for all life's problems:
...Surprise ambush by Rogues in the woods? Dragon. Attacked by an army of the damned? Dragon. Bar fight? Dragon. Behind in your taxes? Dragon.

It’s the best answer to any problem. Once you apply Dragon to it, it goes away.

...utility ain’t the POINT. I’m a freaking DRAGON.
To which I'd like to add:

Facing a work-place firewall? Dragon.



  1. I work in the credit card processing industry, so, believe it or not, security and intrusion countermeasures are high on my list of things to test against.

    Since our corps installed a net filter, I've been unable to do my job right as over half of the sites I visit are blacklisted due to "hacker-based themes or activities." INCLUDING - and this is a no-shitter - (apparently a black background and green text brands you forever).

    Those things aren't just annoying. They actually impact productivity in a negative fashion.

    I was reading an article today (on my HOME computer) that had this interesting equation.


    That about says it all.

  2. Ha. Agreed. And yet, every one of them claims to "increase productivity." Compared to what? The dead? #insanewithrage

    (Side note: I'm doing hashtags in blog comments now. Just 'cuz.)

  3. (Yes, Twitter is blocked at work.)

  4. I remember a temp gig I had with the United Church of Christ. One of my duties during my tenure was to check out the list of aligned local churches and make sure their websites were up to date in terms of contact information (e-mail & phone number).

    The internet security filter was so erratic, half the church sites I tried to access were blocked. And yet I was able to access the (very NSFW) "Something Positive" webcomic with no trouble at all...

  5. In defense of your IT, they usually don't block individual sites. They subscribe to a service that provides categories to block (gaming, pr0n, hacking, gambling, etc.). These services allow any subscriber to submit categories for sites. One day, your site is a harmless blog, the next it's rated has a pr0n site. Or to make matters worse, said vendor may be lazy and block a web provider, and not individual sites hosted with that vendor (all blogspot blogs, and not just

    If you're curious, there are ways around this block. It could put your current job in jeopardy unless you can justify such is necessary. Google "SSH Proxy". ;-) This is a nice 'work-around' for getting to those job related blogs about email server scripting, when those same sites are now considered hacker resources.

  6. @Elkagorasa - Yeah, we gots us some Websense, only it's an-extra stupid knockoff that has no appeal process built in to it. My last place, at least, had a mechanism for sending in an exception request.

    I've always been of the mind to let IT block pron sites individually, themselves. I believe in keeping IT happy. :)

  7. @Elk - Yeah, I totally know it's basically a subscription service (Blue Coat fwiw) and Goodreads falls under Social Networking. Yet they allow LinkedIn (I suppose because it's "corporate"). In any case, it's generally a managerial decision, so I don't tend to blame the poor IT folks as much as I do the not technical idiots at the top of the ladder :-).

    Also, I do have some sneaky ways around... just depends on how desperate I am to get fired ;-).

    @Grimm - In a larger sense, I'm totally fine with blocking pron at work. I mean, there's just so much of it and it's so easy to stumble across a site on accident. Or even "accident." It still might be a waste of funds, but like we take that line and jump WAY over it into ridiculousville.

  8. @Ful - I guess one man's pr0n is another man's Gay Rights advocate site. In other words, somebody gets to make the decision on what it is, and they get to brine their own morality and impose it corp wide.

    I personally advocate individual responsibility and, as said earlier, being judged on results rather than being herded into an inevitable, mediocre conclusion.

  9. Yeah, that's probably best when all is said and done.