Tuesday, April 3, 2012

#SWTOR - Flashpoint Confusion

Okay, I know the rest of you have been running flashpoints since day one, but our guild just finally got our act together and organized something. We've been pretty casual along the way, just because most of us have a lot going on outside of gaming, but we knew we wanted to play together. Waiting has its perks, too. A lot of the bugs should be fixed by the time we get around to things.

All that being said, we found ourselves pretty clueless last night. The SWTOR heroic modes seem a bit confusing. How do you turn on HM's? Which flashpoints actually have an HM? Do you have to run something first before being able to turn on the HM?

All of these answers are pretty readily available with a bit of Google searching. I think we sort of know what we're doing now, but it was a pain to have to go searching. Why couldn't this information be easily accessible in the game? We have a codex. Is it in there and we just couldn't find it?

And where is the HM switch? We randomly chose to do Red Reaper. Does that one have a HM? Some of us had never run it, so we did normal mode first. After that... ???

What I think is supposed to happen is that after you've unlocked the HM, the option appears under the right click menu of your portrait allowing you to switch on HM. Why can't it just be there all the time, but grayed out. Then, on mouse-over it could tell you: 1. No HM available or 2. HM locked until you do it on normal mode. Put the info right there. I don't remember all the things I've done/not done.

Am I just missing the easy button, or could the UI really use some help in this area? What do those of you who are, by now, familiar with HM's think?

The FP itself was fine. Fun, reasonably quick. There were a few tricky mechanic fights at the end. It was good to see it on NM first.

Tonight or next week we'll probably head out to Ilum for the level 50 NM FPs. Finding the entrance to some of these is a bit confusing, too. Which ones are on the fleet? Which aren't? I guess I wish there were a simple list on the codex with locations and modes available. Sort of like what they have for Ops (the lockout list). Why not?

In the absence of a dungeon finder, I'd at least like a clear list. Is that too much to ask?

(Edit: Got this great link in comments. Pretty much exactly what I needed. Awesome graphic! Thanks to Mythbusting for the link.)


  1. I think you can interact with the console or the quest giver to activate a hard mode ... and I'm not sure if Red Reaper has a hard mode or not.

    This may help: http://www.swtor.com/fr/community/showthread.php?t=156987

  2. I definitely agree that - aside from dailies - the game does nothing to help guide you into level 50 content.

    Fortunately, its Star Wars, so you can count on folks to put together some excellent guides. This chart may help:

    It lists all the FPs, whether they have a HM (Red Reaper does not), and the set piece loot they drop.

    To turn on HM: outside each HM FP there is a questgiver. If a HM is available, the dialogue will give you an option to enter as either normal or HM. (For operations, its activated in the UI.)

    Hope that helps!

  3. @TG - I can't see any official site things at work (blocked), so it could be helpful but...

    @Mythbusting - That is completely helpful! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the link. I'm going to re-link it at the bottom of the post.