Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Thought Thursday

This is not a recurring feature or anything, just doing a brain dump today. Every so often in blogging, I've found that my brain needs emptied. All those topics that didn't get written don't always ride blissfully off into the nether. Instead, they like to kick around and whine that they didn't get their day in the sun (despite having been found wanting). When enough of the buggers get peeved, they march down my neurons and do their own "occupy" imitation on one of my lobes. So I have to periodically call in the cranial guard to kick them out. Let the dumping commence....

First SWTOR:
  • The Rakghoul plague looks like a fart. Or, perhaps more accurately, Pig-Pen. Makes me want to bathe.
  • The lightsabers with black cores appear somehow larger.
  • I wish people always exploded when killed. Makes me feel powerful. Dirty, but powerful.
  • The glowing eyes and green cloud aren't very stealthy.
  • Why, in the technologically advanced culture of TOR, do the news anchors wear headsets? Are they Bluetooth? Do Imperials get Redtooth variants?
  • Has anyone ever tried to make a Hutt line of clothing? A Hutt in trooper armor would be impressive. Slimy, too.
  • New gameshow: Jedi Counselor -OR- Hobo? With your host, Jacobim Mugatu.
And WoW:
  • Oh yeah, I have DI. Derp.
  • This getting upgrades stuff is bankrupting me. So. Much. Reforging. At least gems are cheaper... well, not the purple ones. Light no, not the purple ones.
  • Now that Cynwise has exposed the innards of everything warlockerly, what is seen cannot be unseen. I used to enjoy this complication, right?
  • The coolest I feel as a Warlock? When I use my portal right. HA, ALREADY HERE, BITCHES.
  • Tentacle face is not a good look for me. Back to burning skull.
That's all for today's dump.


  1. agreed, I don't like the tentacle look either. I just sticking with a skullcap look.

  2. Bankruptcy: A dedicated farming alt will solve that for you. A miner/skinner or miner/herbalist will rake in gold. Max out fishing on this toon. You'll go from buying fish for raid feasts to selling them. And they sell for a lot.
    I have an 85 DK that is mining/engineering and he rakes in the gold mining and fishing. I have a decent set of gear for him from running PvP once a week. It is a little bit of a time sink but not a huge one. Two to three hours a week should get you 500g to 1000g depending on what you get.

    I also have a geared out priest so I can sell VP boots and bracers. Depending on the market this is 2000g to 4000g every two weeks.

  3. Yeah, the real function of my bankruptcy is time. I only really log on to raid and that's about all I can do. I used to at least PvP, but I'm doing that in TOR now.

    I'll scrape by; I can get a lot of deeps out of subpar gear. Makes topping the charts more of a challenge :-D.

  4. So I am on this weekend and people in trade chat (yes, some people trade in trade chat)were offering VP gear for as little as 950g. /facepalm
    OTOH, I'm selling fish for 100g a stack. Really people? Put on some tunes, grab a beer, go fishing, profit. I must have made 500g for 20 minutes of fishing.

    Try this once. Get on your DK and go out to the Tol Barad daily area. Put on your Path of Frost so you can walk/ride on the water. Fish the Fathom Eel and Shipwreck Debris pools. Here is the route I use. The green circles are where the most pools are.

    And remember, it doesn't matter what your fishing skill is. When you fish from pools you get what is in the pool.

    If Fathom Eels sell on your server like they do on mine then this 20 minute fishing loop should pay well.

  5. I did, actually, go on a fishing trip before my raid Friday. This is actually probably the best thing for me to do pre-raid, for obvious reasons. I didn't try the Tol Barad area... maybe this Friday. :-)