Tuesday, April 17, 2012

#SWTOR - Yes, They Did.

One of the biggest 1.2 timesinks for me from this last weekend was the time-honored tradition of UI finagling. With all the Legacy changes, PvP changes, and now the Rakghoul World Event... I think the UI changes got a bit glossed over. At least in coverage I've read, they did.

I wanted to make sure we all remembered that changes were made. Yeah, pretty much everything is customizable now. A personal favorite of mine is the check-box that lets you move any pop up window around. So. Nice.

I probably spent a good hour just moving stuff around. I had to fiddle with the drop down to get the nice colored boxes to show me what I wanted. My basic strategy was to make everything smaller (on my screen it was just all too huge), and then consolidate along the edges to maximize center viewing space. It turned out pretty nice (I didn't take a screenie, sorry).

The real perk came when I flipped over to my Trooper. I was almost disheartened when the old UI greeted me. Despair from the thought of having to redo all the work I'd done to get my Shadow just-so was threatening to overwhelm me, when a thought raced across my mind.

"No, they couldn't have."

"They should if they haven't."

"They DID!"

Yeah, my saved UI from my main toon was available on my alt. I simply selected it, hit "load," and everything snapped right to where it should be.

I know it seems like such a simple thing, but that made my night. I got right back to playing. I love it when things are simple.


  1. Blizzard, are you listening??

  2. Ha, I know, right?

    There are probably some addons available that may do this in WoW, but yeah it'd be nice to have it native.

  3. Want your mind blown?

    Go to your SWTOR folder. Look in your folders for .xml files. Yeah, those? Those are your UIs. If you emailed one to me, I could upload it and use your UI.

    Unbelievable job, Bioware!

  4. lol. Yes, they did seem to apply brain well in this case.