Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Update

I'm feeling a Weekend Update style post today. Unusual for me, I know, but I've got some more random thoughts. My gaming time has been limited as I work hard to get some new fiction releases out over at my author site, but I've been squeezing it in. Makes for a wonderful break after editing a couple chapters.

First off, Beta update. There is none. I didn't Beta at all over the weekend, despite auspicious plans to the contrary. I mean, I wanted to hang with Poneria, but just couldn't bring myself to log in. This is why generally in the past I've not signed up for betas. It's hard for me to get motivated to spend time on something that's going to be reset and then I'm going to have to do it all over again. It was great to log in, respec, spend some time on a dummy. Also wonderful to check out the new character creation options for pandas, but after that... I don't think I really want to level or do anything of substance. Part of the joy of a fresh expansion is experiencing that new content for the first time. Do I want to ruin that?

So I'm not sure if I'll get back into the beta. I may want to muck around with the Demo rotation a bit, just to see what I think. I may just try to travel to one of the new areas just to see how to get there (but not start questing). I could always transfer over my DK and give PvP a shot, too.

One good take-away, sort of on the heels of what I posted about the Affliction rotation last week: the new rotation apparently made an impression on me. I logged in Friday night to raid in non-beta WoW and felt a bit sad that I didn't have the new setup. I was back to clunky old Catalocky. I didn't spend all that much time with the new rotation, but already it felt smoother than what we've been stuck with for the last year or so. That's a good sign of things to come, I think. Stokes my excitement, which is a good thing. I would love to feel reinvigorated on my 'lock in MoP.

In other, sorta-beta, news: I have not beta'ed Diablo III. Was that sign-up automatic with the year pass, too? If not, then I didn't sign up. Still, one of my buddies at work got into the beta. He played it with his main squeeze, co-op style, last weekend. Had a lot of good things to report. Since Fuu has somewhat fallen off the MMO horse, a solid co-op may be just what the doctor ordered. As such, I'm really looking forward to the game (even though it wasn't a deciding factor for choosing the year pass... sort of like "why not?"). Unexpected good surprises are, um, unexpectedly good?

That meme probable needs to die, doesn't it?

Finally, I'll touch on TOR. My activity there mostly amounts to PvP'ing. I snagged Battlemaster this weekend, which is something of an achievement, though I fear it doesn't mean as much now. Still, I continue to enjoy the PvP side of TOR. Something of a surprise to me, post 1.2 patch, is a renewed interest in alts. With the addition of the Legacy system, I find myself more inclined to progress the other classes to level 30 in order to add them to my family tree and get the perks. In particular, I love the idea that my buff gets enhanced by each different classed level 30 toon. It's provided an unanticipated bout of altitis, something I don't normally suffer from.

We'll see how long it lasts once DIII drops. I could see that eating up a lot of time if my wife is amenable. The couple that plays together, stays together, right? Or, I could adopt a more Lannister-esque approach: The things I do for love.



  1. It was a rainy, dreary weekend here. So I got my shammy project from 51 to 63. I was thinking I should log in to the beta but with news of hundreds of thousands of more invites going out I didn't bother.
    I am kinda torn between playing the beta and trying to get this shammy to 85. I guess dropping the 11,250g on a chopper answered that one.

    I have a D3 beta invite. I haven't even considered it. I think I'll just wait for that one to go live.

  2. Yeah, good point. I probably unknowingly avoided more crowds. I've decided I'd like to at least level a Panda through the starting area... but maybe not until a month or two has passed.

  3. Last weekend was a bit of an exception in the Diablo Beta, as they were doing a stress test. Everyone with a account could participate (not only those with a Beta invite), that's why so many people were on Diablo last weekend.

    I'm with you on not wanting to spoil the upcoming expansion with the Beta. I like to be in the Beta, I like to try things out for a bit, but I won't level my main(s) to 90. I do use the Beta to level a few new characters to the Wandering Isle in order to get that out of my system, because I doubt I'll have the time and energy for yet another max-level character (a pandaren). I did the same with worgen and goblins in the Cata beta. My main only ever made it to 81 there.

  4. Yeah, it really sort of holds me back in a beta. I think the issue is that I get attached to my characters, get into the story... and then having that "reset" is disheartening. I've learned in the past to just be patient.