Tuesday, November 1, 2011

This Warlock's Bit On Specs

The hot topic seems to be speculation on the future of warlock talents.  WoW Insider has a Blood Pact article.  Our dear old warlocky friend Saresa has reappeared from the nether to weigh in on the issue.  And Flora-Grimm threw a nice piece up as well.  They're all worth a read for those 'locks out that that like to keep up with the Gul'dans.

I, on the other hand, am content to wait and see.  I've always held off on pre-patch, pre-expansion speculation simply because you never know what's going to actually make it live.  I figure that right now they only have the general concepts in mind, so it's worth it to look at those. 

I find myself more on Flora's side than Sar's.  In general, I believe the great Theorycrafters That Be will always distill things down to a handful of "cookie cutter" specs.  The choices we had before were only choices if you didn't desire to play optimally.  Or, at worst, simply confusing to most players.  In general, I've liked the trend Cataclysm started with simpler trees and clearer choices.  The proposal that's out there now seems the next logical step.

However, I have my bouts of nostalgia too.  I used to feel important back in the day.  A mediator seemed necessary to comb through EJ articles and distill the advice into digestible chunks for the casual player.  I really think blogs added value in understanding for most people (it's certainly why I started reading blogs, and what I hoped to provide).  These days, I just don't find it as needed.  A lot of that is because I think speccing is simply easier to understand.  You don't need gobs of math and a fine toothed comb.  It used to be hard to hold an entire spec in your head and really get the feel of it.  It was a challenge.  And that challenge is being whittled down.  Perhaps that's a bad thing, perhaps not.  I suppose that's up to the individual player.

Still, I think there's one major flaw that Saresa would point out in Flora's post, and that's the knee-jerk assessment of the potential of green fire.  I mean, c'mon!  It's green fire! Of course it's better than plain old normal mage fire.  Geeze.


  1. IMHO, I like it. Between, finally, new minion models, and the simpler talent trees, I think it could be fun. It feels like Blizzard is trying to take the focus off talents (what was it 70 talent points back in wrath) and make the game easier to get started in. It sort of reminds me of the talent tree in "Borderlands". It makes jumping into the game easier. I look forward to playing a PVP, Affl-emo-struction lock. Affliction healing, destro stun and splash damage, demo super pets.

    On the otherhand, as we had with Pre-cata, they proposed the entire "Path of Titans" talent idea. Then, when Cata went through the Alpha, it was quickly dropped due to complexity. This may be simply another Blizzcon concept only.

  2. Great point about an emo/baysplosion spec. That does excite me.

    I like the idea... but I'll refrain from getting too excited until it actually goes live (or very shortly before).