Monday, November 21, 2011

I'd Like To Thank The Coven

Today is going to be quick, as often happens on Mondays. I apologize for going afk on Friday (again, really), but I was pretty sick. Like puked in the car sick. While driving. It was an awesome life experience. You see, I was so close to home, and I really just wanted to puke in my own toilet. I'm pretty sure I blew through a few stop signs (no one was near, I could see), but it didn't matter. Blargh, down my frontal regions. Rationally thinking about later, I should have just pulled over and used the drainage ditch... but I was so close to home. Anyway, Friday ceased to exist for me as I finally found a bucket and my bed.  This Friday isn't looking good either (what with holiday travel), so I'll just pre-apologize for shoddy posting.  I know.  I'm a horrible blogger.  It's just a data point. 

(I may be sufficiently bored at my parents and crank something out.  Who knows?  I'll have the laptop and stranger things have happened.  I can only take so much family before I want to crawl back in my cave and tap, tap, tap away.  What can I say?  I'm an introvert.)

In the interest of getting out in-front of my holiday introversion, I'm going to share some love today.  Elkagorasa wrote a nice article giving thanks last week.  I believe Blog Azeroth is doing some sort of Thanksgiving posting bonanza as well.  Chalk it up to being a bad blogger that I just don't get as involved as I used to, but I do still try to pay attention.  At the very least I like to know what's going on, even if I don't always take part.

So thanks to Elk for the kind words.  Elk's written some great, warlocky things, so any traffic I've pushed his way is much deserved.  I'm also a big fan of Nibs as well.  Like a good warlock, she finds ways to machinate from the darkness even whilst afk.  Thanks are due to her from my end as well, as I still get traffic from there.  The other links Elk throws out are great folks too.  I'm not going to re-link them all because I'm lazy and a horrible blogger (see data point above).  We love warlock bloggers here are Killing 'em Slowly, and Elk is what we call a keeper. You know, someone who's soul you'd like to steal and shard up just to have around. Yep, that's cute and cuddly for us.

I will, however, give a special mention to Cynwise.  He's kept me inspired because I think we've both backed off a bit in this last year, yet he still puts out a lot of quality content (making me want to do the same).  Specifically, his article today on DoTs is great.  The short story is that, in case you were wondering, player bonuses are calculated into DoTs on cast or refresh.  Target debuffs are calculated each tick.  The refresh part was new to Cata, but otherwise it's how I've understood them to function for a while (and how I've subsequently developed my gameplay).  If you want more, Cyn's article breaks it down.

It's been a rather quiet year for 'locks, to be quite honest.  Our gameplay has remained relatively stable.  There's not been a whole lot to whine about.  I still enjoy the heck out of my warlock.

I also am enjoying the heck out of some Skyrim.  I even put AC: Revelations on hold.  I can't handle that much gaming at one time.  I'll probably pick it up over the holiday here, though, if only to provide a nice little change-up.  Move from the office chair to the couch... rinse, repeat.  You know how it goes.

Anyway, I'll leave it with a final thanks to you, the reader.  You guys have hung around here for a while now, and I'm grateful for it.  I've had great commentary over the years, and you've really been a patient lot as I have wandered a bit from the strict focus of the blog.  I don't plan to go anywhere.  I like it here.  I may talk about other things, but only because I think y'all are interested in them as well.  Thanks for putting on a face even when you weren't. 

Okay, so this wasn't that quick, but it's hardly a heavy-hitter.  I'll try to post a few more times this week, but in case life gets in the way again, have a good holiday weekend.  Enjoy your Coven, if you have one.  Shard a turkey or two.  And thanks for lurking.


  1. I left playing WOW a year ago come next February but have continued to read your blog. I enjoy what you have done and just want you to know that you are appreciated.

  2. Thanks! And thanks for reading, too. I know you've left some good comments from time to time (And I guess I wouldn't have suspected that you weren't playing. I think I mean that in a good way? XD).