Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Update

Here comes another collection of random, semi-connected thoughts... and then a bit on Skyrim.  It may get a bit other-gamey around here for a while, as I'm heavily into Skyrim right now (level 17), eagerly anticipating AC:Revelations, and have gotten into the SWTOR beta (though I can't talk about it right away).  Thus, WoW time is limited.  Still, we plan to raid once a week, and rBG once a week, and when 4.3 comes out, we'll be playing.  So, though I may get a bit diverse around here, I'm not planning to quit WoW.  I'll just keep my eye for things I think are important, and otherwise leave the minutia to others (and hopefully give entertaining glimpses into other worlds that you may or may not be experiencing as well).

So let's hit on each of those topics in reverse order:
  • 4.3 - They've confirmed the current PvP season ends on the 29th of November.  Generally, this is done about a week before the patch drops.  So we're looking at a December 6th release here.  I don't have a whole lot of goals before the patch drops.  Outside of raiding, that is.  There's nothing I have left on my to-do list.  For raiding, this means we have exactly a month to try and finish Firelands.  I doubt it'll happen, but we are 4/7, so it could.  At worst, we're probably looking at polishing off the last few bosses after the patch and getting another late start.  We've been behind the "curve" for this entire expansion, so this doesn't surprise me.  It's just been really slow to get the gear I need.  I lodge my complaints with the loot table committee.  I've never gotten a chance to update my shoulders... but I get chest drops out the wazoo.  Which is just great since the chest is, you know, purchasable.  I can't get cataclysmically epic on my raid toon, solely due to shoulders.  There are a couple other finicky slots like that, but it's just frustrating to get 1% upgrade drops when you have huge needs elsewhere.
  • The SWTOR beta is being opened up to anyone who signed up as a beta tester before Nov 11.  That includes me.  They won't let you talk about it a whole lot, other than that you're in it, and I've not gotten my invite yet.  They say "more information to follow," but that everyone is getting an invite in the near future.  They want to stress test their servers, which I think is a smart move.  Get as many people in as you can and see what happens.  We'll see how it goes and what I can actually talk about.
  • AC:Revelations drops this week.  I'm excited.  Not sure how I'm going to balance it with Skyrim.  That's all here.
  • Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim.  That's pretty much how my weekend went.  The game is awesome.  I can't say enough about what a good job they did.  I'll wax on about it more outside of this list...
So, I'll admit to being a bit of a fanboy, so I may be glossing over the downsides.  Also, I'm looking at it more in comparison to previous iterations in the series.  Like the scope of the Elder Scrolls games has always been huge, and that's something people may complain about: it can be hard to figure out where you fit in the world.  That's sort of what you expect going into an ES game though, right?  And in that regard, I think they've done some great things to improve typical ES gameplay. 

The fast travel is great, the interactive map is awesome.  The quest tracking is much improved.  I feel like I can pick up where I've left off without having to have a million post-it notes (like I did for Oblivion and Morrowind).  It'd be nice if they let you make notes, and the descriptions can be sort of sparse, but it's much improved, I think.

I love the clairvoyance spell.  Until I got the lay of the land, it was a must have.  Now that I've gotten some things discovered, fast travel is where it's at.

I've always loved the "use it to level" system.  You start off with certain predispositions, but really you can make your character into any "class" you want.  I'm currently playing sort of a ranger, battlemage hybrid.  I do a lot of sneaking and shooting with my bow, but if things get hairy I'll pull out a sword and a spell and mix it up.  Also, two handed fireballs are fun.  The physics ending makes you feel pretty power even early on, and I love the new killing animations.  A great touch, there.

Also, when any storyline revolves around slaying dragons, you know it's going to be win.  I joked with another WoW friend that I needed to get back to slaying non-Internet dragons.  It's a pretty neat twist on old tropes, I think, what with the voices, and absorbing powers, and "it's in your blood."  The werewolf side quest is pretty cool, too.  I won't spoil anything, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it, though it's not as blatantly OP as you might think.

The world is breathtaking, too.  Sometimes I just stop and marvel.  It isn't the best graphics ever, even on the "ultra" setting, but they're pretty solid.  It retains the ES feel without going to far to "realism," I think.  And it's run smooth for me so far.

That's all I'll say for now.  I'm excited to get back to it tonight, but I'll have to squeeze it in before our raid.  I get to Starfox again in WoW tonight... which is fun too.  Do a barrel roll!


  1. My shoulders were the ones I couldn't upgrade too. I didn't get shoulders until we downed Rhyolith and he dropped the mage look-alike ones. Then the next week I was awarded the tier piece off domo.

    Which bosses do you guys have down?

  2. We're 4/7... Shan, Beth, Rhy, and Alys. Haven't seen the look-alike drop yet. :-(

    Also, we had ten minutes left at the end of our raid night last night, so it was too early to start a new boss and we went to BH. Got Warrior/Rogue drops. Funny story, because we didn't have a Warrior or a Rogue in the group. FIX THE LEWTS, BLIZZ! Ugh, that's so annoying.

  3. That was 10 minutes you could have played on SKyrim. :)

  4. lol. The thought had crossed my mind. But the guild was there.

    Ah, the things I do for love. *Pushes Bran*