Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Second Half Team

Did they sneak in a Firelands nerf that I missed?  Seriously, I don't mean to belittle our raid group, but we waltzed in last night, standing at 4/7 and left 6/7.  We, what, three shot (?) Baleroc.  (I just had to sit in "brain freeze" pose for five minutes to come up with his name.  That's how much of an impression he made on me.  To be fair, it's totally a healer fight, and pretty much a tank and spank for me except for the whole crystal shard dance).

Domo was a bit more of a challenge, but we got him down with 15 minutes to spare in our two hour raid night.  Enough for a quick Jenkins attempt on Rag.  Considering how much we struggled on the early bosses, this was a cake walk.  I'm hesitant to feel happy about, because I'm sure someone is going to say... oh yeah, they hotfixed a nerf last week, or something.

Really, it was business as usual for us.  We aren't gearing any faster than we have been.  We've stuck to our two-hours per week schedule with very little deviation.  If anything, many of us are spending less time in game what with chasing non-internet dragons (Skyrim) in our free time.

So what's up with these two fights?  Are they just easier to learn?  Did we just have a... shhh... "on" night (don't jinx it)?

Okay, I'll ask.  How did you guys find the first three bosses (Shan, Beth, Rhy) of FL in comparison to the last three (Alys, Bale, Domo)?

I could fight Alys every day of the week (I'm the Starfoxer).  Despite the relative ease with downing Domo, I thought it had interesting mechanics.  I liked the idea of letting us dictate phase changes.  Bale was a nice respite from all the running around and dealing with crap of the other fights.

On the flip side, we two shot Shannox and then were stuck on him for like a month.  There were some minor strategy things we had to work out, but it was rough.  Rhyolith wasn't so bad, but it can still be tricky.  Beth causes us to shudder.  Still.  Just when you have her- unlucky spiderling spawn!  Yaaay.

What did you think?  First half of FL = annoying?  Second half = fun?  It's okay.  4.3 is almost here.  We don't have to tell 4.2 if you dish.  It can be our little secret.


  1. We had little to no problem with Baleroc once we learned the shard rotation. Rhyolith was 3 shot the first time then wiped constantly.

    We had a bit of a learning curve on Alysrazor & Beth but once we figured out what we needed to do we had little to no problems.

    Domo was easy for us. Mostly because we brute forced it. With the first nerf that they gave to him he became a massive pushover. I think once you get your cooldowns set you're fine on that fight.

    Rag is still tough, but it is mostly about add control and positioning. Once you guys learn "the dance" you'll have him down no problem.

    I have faith!

  2. Heck, we may beat 4.3. I wouldn't have thought that last week. We should get at least one full night on Rag... maybe more depending on when they patch. If our goal is simply to keep up with the patches, well, we're not as far off as I thought.

  3. Baeleroc (aka "What's-his-balls") was our third FL boss, in fact. We had more probs with Alys and Rhyolith (aka "Ballface") than Bael. You're right, once the shard rotations are sussed, it's pretty straightforward.

    Staghelm by comparison was by far the simplest of the seven. So I'd say you're right on with that.

  4. I'm not aware of any nerfs. That said, I bring an alt to our second raid group and we went from having one boss down to getting four down. I just figured it was the group getting on the same page and getting gear. This group has been raiding for about a month, 1 to 2 nights a week.

  5. So if it's not just me and not a recent nerf... is it a little odd to design a raid where the more difficult mechanics are up front?

    Anyone out there with heroic experience? I'm obviously talking about normal mode... does the same hold true for heroic?

  6. What our team used to do for beth is just send one dps up the first time with the tank and healer. After that, the dps just stays on the ground. It really helps out controlling the adds on the ground :)

    For us, Alys is the one that gives us the most trouble XD it could be because we don't have a guy who's really good at flying through the rings :) the first 2 bosses are hard, but domo, bale and rhyo are the fights that are really easy for us now :) My team normally 6/7 in 2 hours. Normal mode of course XD

  7. That reminds me of a side note on Alys. Other people that are playing Skyrim can probably attest to this, but playing one and then going to the other really screws with my "mouse feel." That is, after crouching my way through dungeons and shooting things with my glass bow, I pop in WoW and it's like playing drunk. Ten times worse when you're flying. I'm pretty sure I was awful for the first chunk of the fight. :-)

  8. Try playing two healers. I'm raiding with a disc priest and a resto druid. The healing styles for both are different. So when I'm playing one toon I'm trying to use abilities from the other.

    It does seem a bit odd that two of the harder fights are in the middle of the FL raid.

    Rhyolith and Alys on heroic are all sorts of insane. We got Rhy down on heroic for the first time last night. They are both really busy fights in fairly close quarters. If anything it is really hard to keep track of stuff.

  9. lol pass. Though I tried to PvP on my 'lock the other day (I always PvP on my DK) and I was pretty lost just from that.

    It may be, then, that the order fights has been tuned around heroics rather than normal... Alys and Rhy on normal I think are easier than, say, Beth.

  10. Rhyo: once you learn to drive it ain't so bad. The add tank has to be spot on too. Being a healer I didn't have to worry about such things.

    Alys: post nerf it got easy. They slowed down the tornadoes.

    Beth: I've never done it on heroic. On normal mode my disc priest did some time up top and I'll just say that both me and the tank had a helluva time coordinating getting up there and then not falling back down. Once we got that figured out it got easy.

    Crazy me wants to switch my holy pally from PvP to PvE. Because, ya know, ya can never have enough healers. Ever.