Monday, April 18, 2011

Wherein I Pretend to Be Newsworthy

Breaking News here! Read all about it! Warlocks to get trans-gender pet trick.

... Wait. That sounds wrong. Let's try again:

Warlocks pets going bi!

... Nope. Still too shock-jock for me.

Exit Poll Results: Half of Warlocks pets everywhere to undergo sex-change operation! Request equal rights.

... Closer.

Warlocks: Now with Succubi and Incubi.

... Seriously, there is no such thing as a male Succubus. And why does the plural of Incubus trip my spellchecker.

Furthermore, what's a female blueberri going to look like? Voidwalkeress, sorry. My bad.

And how about the Impress? Impressive? HA! Pun!

Doomguard could go both ways. Yep, I always suspected that of the big guy. I mean have you seen him thrust?

Do Felpups have a gender? I mean, where are the... never mind.

The Infernal is going to have to get rid of some stones.

Felguard? Try Felgarter.

Okay, that's enough. Seriously. It's Monday.

If you haven't seen every Warlock blogger ever reporting that we may potentially see male and female version of our demons soon... well I don't know what to tell you. I feel truly blessed to have a such a 'locky lock on your eyes, I guess.

If you need me, I'll be in my Shadow Labs, buying stock in demonic surgical outfits.


  1. I will admit, I'd be more interested in a female demonform for the warlock themselves, than having more genders for the summoned demons.

    Or even better, updated models for the original races.

    Your post did make me smile though. Felgarter :)

  2. /agree. Why do we all change into male demons? it seems silly. I think it'd be even cooler to somehow incorporate our race into the demon form... sort of like shadowform, could be based on character model... only you sprout wings and horns or something badass.

    I don't much care the sex of my minions. I mean, they're minions... :-).

    Though, at this point, I'll take any "graphical attention" that I can get for our class.

  3. Actually....

    I know for a fact that voidwalkers always had a 50-50 chance of being either gender for at least the last five years.

    Back then, when I was levelling an allied lock, I came across a quest that took me to a sunken ship where my pet and myself were temprarily converted into undead.

    And when it took effect, I was shocked to discover that the big blue hulk that had been my personal tank for the last 30 levels was in fact a female. Just imagine my embarassment when I realized how many times I'd changed my armor in front of it.

  4. LOL. That brings up a good question... how does one tell VW sexes? Are there actually blueberries?