Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Swan Song, Close.

I got a comment from an anonymous reader today that read thus:

"Is this your swan song? Are you leaving WoW behind? It read like a goodbye story; a very very gory goodbye but a goodbye all the same."

I started to respond in the comments. It got long. I decided to make an honest post of it. So here it goes...

A good bye post? That was sort of the intent... I didn't have the heart to do a "real" April 1st joke where I say "Peace out, girl scout. And by the way your parents just died in a car accident. " I figured the gory RP was more fun. There was a comment on twitter basically suggesting that I "George RR Martinized" my story. Funny stuff, and I'll /blush at the comparison (undeserved though it may be).

(Random aside: anyone else see the Game of Thrones sneak peak? It's going to be an HBO series, but I'm actually contemplating a subscription for the duration of the series. It looks pretty rockin'.)

I actually intended to write a reassurance, but this week has been hectic and prevented me from posting so far. I may just string it out until Friday, you know, to sell the joke. (Aka to be lazy, though I've ruined that now).

Since you asked though, and I don't like to leave people hanging: No, I don't plan on leaving. I'm still raiding on Thursdays, but that's about it right now. I'm anxiously awaiting 4.1, when I plan to re-immerse myself for another month or whatever in order to experience the new content. Short naps do wonders for your energy.

Right now I'm playing a lot of Civ V. I didn't want to ramble on about it because I wasn't sure anyone out there was interested in it. My current project is to try to get a culture victory. I can do points, science, domination... those are easy. Diplomacy isn't too terrible either, though I don't usually prefer to cater to the other psychotic, immortal rulers. For reference, I generally play on "Prince," which declares itself as "normal" mode. I generally try to play games on normal until I master them (then I might try "super insane awesomesauce" or whatever).

The problem I keep running into is that everyone "covets" my land, and thus I get drawn into a whole bunch of wars. Generally, when you're focused on culture, that also means that I'm struggling to field and maintain an army. Bad news bears.

If you haven't played the game, but enjoyed previous Civ versions, I have to say that this iteration took a bit to grow on me. At first I was sort of "meh" and felt a little like I had wasted $60 or whatever I spent on it several moons ago. I'm happy to say that I'm feeling a lot more fond of it now. Perhaps the biggest change from my perspective is the inability to stack units in Civ V. In IV, stacking was a huge part of the game. I'd get attacked by super giant mega stacks of enemy units and it sort of sucked. I'd have to go through about 25 battles a turn as the AI tossed their outdated units against my poor garrisoned tank unit. It just started to get a bit ridiculous late in the game.

Removing the stacking component of the game was pure genius, IMO. At first, I had my doubts, like I said, but it has really grown on me. I feel like it emphasizes the strategy of battle as opposed to just making a ridiculous stack. Placing cities becomes even more important to think about from a defensive stand point. How many tiles is it possible for an enemy to assault from? How easy is it for you to set up choke points and take advantage of the AI? That's pretty neat to me, and it works reasonably well.

There are a lot of other positive changes (and some negative ones), but I'm not going to has them all out. This isn't a review. Just an observation. Any other Civvies out there ready to cop to it? Or is this completely wasted upon you, dear reader?


  1. Oh good. I figured it was some kind of April Fools thing, but there wasn't anything afterwards. I would have started to worry if there wasn't some "haha it was just a dream" story this friday.

  2. Ha... like I wrote: I was unintentionally "playing it out." :-).

  3. Oh my, Civ 4 is my Home outside of Azeroth. Total love for it. Haven't stepped up to 5 yet, my PC is a bit old and naff (like, 12fps in WoW naff) so think I'll keep bashing though 4 until I replace this machine with Skynet.

  4. As for the Game of Thrones thing - IT. IS. AWESOME.

    I sub'd to HBO specifically for that show. On Sunday they showed the first 15 mins of the first episode and OMG so awesome.

    Very gorey though >.>

    But OMG so awesome!

    It starts on April 17th!

  5. Ha... skynet.

    And the preview was also online for GoT if anyone was interested... someone sent me the link so I don't remember it off hand, but I think it was just the HBO website.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to watch it one way or another. I have a friend who may DVR it for me, but I also may pay the money (I'm all about supporting good shit and voting with your wallet).