Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Against Depression

Quick non-WoW, public service announcement type post today. If you're only here for WoW, feel free to "mark as read."

A while back (last Mo-vember), Gnomeaggedon made an inspiring series of posts that revolved around the topic of Major Depression Disorder. November is sort of the official month for the disease (Since, you know, all of the important diseases get a month. I'm glaring at you, obesity. For an epidemic, you're curiously devoid of a month. Unless you're a child, and in that case you get September, which isn't a real month anyways, since "sept" of course is Latin for "fake." (Not really, I'm just trying inject a bit of juvenile humor here. Srsly, get those kids to play!)).

Strange punctuation patterns derived from numerous asides aside... um, yeah, Depression.

I really appreciate the postings by Gnomeaggedon and feel sort of guilty that I didn't get on board back then. You see, Depression sort of runs in my family and my wife's family. It's really something I've grown up with. Personally, I'm mostly depression free. That is to say, I would not qualify for an MDD diagnosis, nor do I take medicines. I have a small touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), but who doesn't get pissed sometimes during bleak Midwestern Winters? I'm like a flower, give me a bit of a sunlight and I'll perk right up. Pretty simple, unlike my MDD counterparts.

Fuubaar, however, suffers from MDD. It took her more than a decade of dealing with it, two years with me by her side, to finally admit that and seek treatment. That's one of the side effects of the disease: it can be extremely hard for the sufferers to bite the bullet and get help.

As such, we've been fighting our own battle recently: getting started on meds, finding out what is right for her. I've been writing articles about our journey almost weekly, and Gnome's openness hath inspired me to share this with you guys. Some of you may be interested, some not. No big deal, but I'm posting these on my personal "super secret public journal-blog." You can find it here. I've been blogging there for a very long time now, so there is a lot of crap. There are some serious posts, and then there is a lot of just personal stuff. I usually share it with family and friends and it's a way they stay in touch. Thus, it may not be all that interesting in its entirety, but I thought that maybe it would be interesting for those suffering through Depression.

So I hereby cordially invite y'all on over to that neck of the woods, but respectfully caution that your mileage may vary over there. I'm not always writing it to be interesting or informative. I don't necessarily stick to any sort of posting schedule. Sometimes I just like to post about my favorite sports teams and random crap like that (a lot of times to rib family members and friends). The Depression posts should be easy to find as they are more recent (there are only about four of them right now), but I hope that some people will find them helpful, encouraging, and insightful. If one, just one, Depressive is inspired to seek help or takes heart because of what I have written, well then I'll consider this time well wasted.

Otherwise, feel free to simply ignore this and the link. I won't be re-posting on here as I generally keep my gaming and personal spheres separate. (Feel free, however, to email me at this blog's email if you have questions or just want to commiserate about Depression. Fuu and I share this email so it's a good place to reach us.)

I don't want to make a big deal out of it because we consider ourselves rather fortunate. It's something we're well equipped to deal with. For my part, I chose to write about it. It's sort of what I do. It just recently occurred to me that it might be nice to share that with some of you fine folks that lurk around here.

And with that, back to you, Azeroth.


  1. *tabs back to the beginning* *starts reading*

    Have been thinking about beginning my own journal (I've recently been a horrible person to be around and I hate it), but I'm just horrible at keeping them.

    Also. Damn. Xanga. High school is calling me again.

  2. I know, right? There's some like awful emo poetry on there, I'm sure. And a lot of just random bitching about life. It's a journal through and through. Only recently, with the advent of linkages into Facebook, have I taken to writing the entries with a larger audience in mind... namely my Facebook connections.

  3. you might want to put an http:// in front of the more personal blog link. As it is, you're linking to a page off of Killing 'em Slowly...

  4. Thanks. Should be fixed now. Sorry I mucked it up.

  5. Stick with it guys.. it's the hardest thing to face when you are there, but there is a light, there is happiness, there is (for want of a better word) normality.

    Thanks for sharing too, whether you help anyone else or not, it helps you in sharing the burden.

    My thoughts are with you!

  6. Thanks Gnome. It's odd for us because really, in our families, it's like expected. We could be said to be sort of a case-study for the genetic linkage of Depression. It parallels alcoholism too (which also runs in our family). That is, to some extent we're all at a high risk of succumbing to Depression, though some of us are more vulnerable than others. So while some of us can have the occasional beer, others need to stay 5 miles away from a bar.